Its So Much More Pursonal

you come to recognise there hand writing, there choice of paper, or envelope, you get exciting at the sound of the postman, get to lay on your bed and read, a smile on your face, then role over with a sigh ponder for a while, before snatching up pen and paper, and scrawling your reply.

there is nothing better than a good letter, from a beloved friend.

or the thought that somewhere far away they may be reading yours and smiling just the same.

(contented sigh)

jossiemarie jossiemarie
22-25, F
1 Response Apr 24, 2008

i should to do it all the time i had quite a few penpals but then after i had my son, i just started to run out of time, i would like to start again sometime though, i miss it soooooo bad.