4 Snakes In My Bedroom!

I'm going to write about my snakes because I don't feel great right now and it might cheer me up. I lost my Corn Snake a while ago but have aquired some new additions to my collection.
I will apologise in advance for mispelled words as typeing one handed (I am holding my hatchling) is difficult.
At the moment I have a male Western Hognose that is just over 2 years old I got him a couple years ago as a hatchling and he is adorable, if a bit hissy sometimes but that's just how Hognoses are I guess.
I also have a male Black Rat Snake.I think he's about 2 as well although I'm not sure as I only got him in August. He is a bit skittish and although he doesn't try to bite he will constantly try to escape..
The snake I'm holding is a female hatchling Russian Rat Snake. I got her at the same time I got my Black Rat Snake. She is Anerythrystic Phase and is probably my faveourite at the moment although that may just be because I'm holding her right now haha. She was very nervy when I first got her but seems to have calmed down a lot. In fact I think she's asleep on me!
The fourth snake doesn't belong to me. It is a unsexed hatchling Royal Python. I am looking after it for the reptile shop I volunteer at as it is a non-feeder and they wanted a quieter environment for it. It doesn't take mice on it's own but if you put them in it mouth it will swallow and keep it down.
So that's the 4 snakes in my room. I love them all and would love to get more will have to convince my parents first though!
snakecompanion snakecompanion
18-21, F
Sep 17, 2012