New Interest In Snakes

our dog is dying. it breaks my heart to know that some day he won't be here. he doesbetter mostly than worse and for this i am endlessly grateful.i always loved animals and always will. it was strabge though this way i have lately become fascinated with snakes.i think i wanted to look at an animal that didnt make me feel like i was cheating on my dog as odd as that sounds. something devoid of emotion. im not so sure now. i have become entranced and obsessed with reptiles as of late and especially with the grace of the snake. and not so sure now. what is ticking in that prehistoric mind. instinct yes but as i watch a mother snake incubate her eggs and the feirce little snap of frightened hatchlings i cannot help but feel some something for them...and wonder what snakes are thinking ...sensing... we hope to obtain snake or a bearded fragon in the upcoming months ...still researching and exploring ...i am interested at present in ball pythons..i actually love chondras but im a novice and would never make the attempt any thoughts would be appreciated and im intersted in meeting other reptile lovers ...

p3ach5 p3ach5
Aug 6, 2010