Do Not Know How This Really Happened

I do know that I was treated very well by my family when I was younger. Not to say tragedy did not affect me. My dad left at six yrs old and passed away when I was eleven. Single mother never home (work) and raised by grandparents. Not great but not mistreated by any means. I remember one time my mom took me to a costume store at age six with my little brother who was five. She need a costume for a function at work. While she was looking around we were playing hide and go seek in the racks of clothing. I will never know why but I remember a tarzan looking female suit that I was hiding behind. I just had the feeling to smell the crotch. I did and I smelt new clothing. But I never understood why I did it until later on in my life. I will write more on that later but I did end up smelling many costumes that day all female of course. I do not remember a smell of any sort but clean or new. I was 6 years old and I now know I did not smell anything because they were new or cleaned but I still did it and my heart raced so fast. I did not feel that again until I *********** for the first time at the age of eleven. Do you see where I am going. Bad things happen and I get curious about sex.. until next time.
angutierrez2020 angutierrez2020
31-35, M
May 9, 2012