Sniffing Another Girls Panties

I had a really close best best who we used to sit around in our bras and panties and talk about guys, clothing, makup, hair, etc, you know the typical talk for teens. Sitting around with her in just our bra and panties always made me so wet, I don't believe she ever noticed or smelled that I was wet, I know I certainly felt it and sometimes I thought I could smell myself. Sometimes being a girl has its advantages especially when you are into panties and being able to hang around with your friends in just panties is certainly one of them. I would often sleep over at her house and would fantasize about her, I never got the impression she would be into fooling around with another girl so I just had to settle for fantasizing about her and enjoying her amazing aroma and flavor on her dirty panties. When she would fall asleep I would get up and search for her dirty panties, she did not really have a hamper or anything just a pile of dirty clothes in the corner of her closet, and often times her clothing was just tossed around her room. It was always nice when I knew which panties she has just recently worn the day before. I would find a dirty pair and then go down the hall to the bathroom so I could lock the door and lay on the floor on my back with my feet up on the bathroom sink with her panties over my mouth and nose, her scent and the taste of her juices made me so wet, I would dip my fingers into my wet spot and then lick my juices off my fingers imagining it was her juices. I loved sucking on the crotch of her panties, her panties were not that visibly stained but they smelt and tasted so good and with how I loved to suck on the crotch of her panties if there were any stains I totally cleaned her panties by sucking so hard on them. I would lay there in the bathroom ************ while I licked and smelled her panties, it got me to ****** so quick and so hard, it was amazing how it increased the intensity of my ******. I was so lucky we were such good friends and that I often got to stay over at her house to enjoy her dirty panties. If only I could of told her how much I enjoyed her dirty panties. A yes us girls into panties also love panty ****, I love seeing other girls licking panties, sniffing panties, stuffing panties, giving panty hand jobs, ************ while wearing panties, and of course slipping there panties to the side or down and having a nice hardon slide inside them. I visit this amateur panty site all the time sometimes with my boyfriend and other times alone, I have *********** many times while viewing, pics, movies and cams of other girls in panties there many times. Its not just you guys who get off on girls in panties.
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Mmm lovely :)

REALLY hot!! I'm a guy who has been sniffing for decades and it's so very nice to know some girls do it too.

Super hot!
Are you still able to sneak a sniff now that you're older and probably not doing 'sleepovers'?

oh my totally hot!! it makes me want to *** just thinking of you ******* to the smell of your friend's panties!! If only I were a woman I would to have hot lesbian sex with you smelling and licking each other with our panties on. The hot aroma of our sex and the juices seeping from our lovenests. How hot would it be to part your legs and rub your ***** making sure your juices soak into your panties. Then kneel down and take you and kiss your panties then suck your panties pushing them deep into your hot love cave. I would love to rub my ***** and make sure my juices were soaking through while licking your soppiness. To watch you arch back and push your **** against my mouth as I push your panties aside to lick your ****. My tongue inching and gliding up your hot folds of love. Finally after you can't take it anymore you let yourself loose and *** while squeezing your nipples. I then take one of my breasts and rub your **** pushing my nipple into it. Then stop to just smell you and kiss you. Feeling my own **** juices sloshing around aching to be tasted I reach towards my own panties and rub myself and *** while kissing your *****. Then I stand up and lay you down and spread my legs and squat over your face and you hungerly start to kiss me as you suck in my panties and literally suck the nectar from my aching love for you. Try as I may to fight it I let myself *** all over you as you kiss and lick my panties. My convulsing body shutters to your rhythm and you get so self absorbed into my girl scent within my panties as you drink my nectar seeping from my *****.I reach my hand to your ***** and rub it just right within your panties as you lose control. We *** at the same time as we shutter to rhythm of our touches. Finally, after having so much I collapse over you to avoid hurting you. Then I crawl up next to you and we kiss and hug and tenderly squeeze each others breasts and rest in the glow of our passion.