Mum In Law And Step Daughter

my stepdaughter was 16 and still a virgin and at the time and did not worry too much about personal hygiene. my wife asked me to do the washing so i picked up all washing to take it to the laundry room on top was a pair of my stepdaughters knickers and as i carried the washing downstairs i could smell the odor of ***** when i got to laundry i smelled the little panties of stepdaughter the smell was delicious and i got an hard on.
I put the panties in my pocket and went to the downstairs toilet sniffed the panties the smell is was exciting i mastibated was so excited i shot my load all over the wall i came so hard.
the problem is it gave me an appetite for sniffing panties and i know try and sniff panties of all female relations and family friends i have sniffed mum in laws and she smells very sexy even though she is in 60's smelled a pair one day and it look like she had mastibated in them i went a bit further and licked the crotch the taste was obvious my mum in law mastibates i and now trying to have sex with mum in law i want to lick her and taste her.
I have since managed to have a pair of stepdaughters after she has mastibated i had to lick them as well. She caught me sniffing a pair of her panties she has never told on me and she did ask me to have sex with her i said i would really like to but i dont think it would be right she has since found a long term boyfriend and is no longer a virgin i am so glad i did not have sex with her i still sniff her panties though she leaves me a pair that she has mastibated in i think i would sleep with mil if she asked me to i have sniffed my wife's Bosses panties and i now want to sniff my wifes sisters panties
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Get your stepdaughter to give you a pair of her panties that she wore after her BF filled her ***** with his ***.