An orgasmic feeling brought on by consuming terrific coffee, which leaves one weak in the knees, reeling from the shock of it, and wanting so much more.

Also, that euphoric climax one gets at the thought of having their own Keurig individual coffee brewer.

"Oh, Oh dear, Kathleen, this coffee is fantastic, I may have just had a coffeegasm."

It is still under debate as to whether or not coffeegasms can be faked.
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Coffeegasm - I LOVE it! I am definitely going to have to steal that one. And no, you don't have to fake those. Even if it's terrible, it's still better that nothing. ;)

You definitely have the right attitude, southerngirl! Go forth, and have quivering coffeegasms

Who fakes these??? It is a well known fact that coffeegasms just get better with age.

Considering males and females achieve coffeegasms the same way, I concur that there should never be a need to fake a coffeegasm! :-)

Would you like cream and sugar with that? ;-)

I think I need one of those....I love both coffee & ******* (especially *******!!!) lol

Drink up, honey! Lol

Yes! Just had one ;-)

I thought I heard a report coming in from your sector! ;-)

That Pacific Northwest always has been a little unstable... :-)

Hahaha :)

We rock over here.... :)

Yes, I hear that.... "rock my world" kind of gals! ;-)

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