In The Water

I floated there in the water, watching the fish below. Darting in and out of the reef, they floated magically-- like the UFOs you see in fuzzy camcorder videos, seeming to defy the laws of physics.  But this was close up, almost close enough to touch.  Reach out for them and they scatter, but float there on my stomach, breathing thought the snorkel, and the don't seem to notice me at all.  
   One deep inhale, a deeper exhale.  Once again, and yet again a third time.  All the stale air purged from my lungs to make room for fresh air.  A kick of the fins and I dart my head down to the ocean floor.  "Don't touch the reef" I remind myself and mingle among the scurrying fish.  Then as I look around I spot the predator.  I'm not the only one scaring the small fish away.
lkosice lkosice
31-35, M
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You have a brilliant mind.

Thank you.

You're welcome.