My Ex Boyfriends Laptop.

When i was over at my ex boyfriends place when we were still dating i looked on his laptop and saw pictures of him having sex with another girl. He was out of the house at the time getting a pizza. So, I took his laptop and peed all over the keys and screen destroying his computer. I loved getting my revenge on him and i got to destroy the most expensive thing he owned.
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I love that revenge story. Well done.

Great story you're so cool ! I'd let you pee on me !!

Will teach him the mess with the best

mfw this didn't happen

That was sweet revenge... :)

i will remember not to make you mad. :)


You are a beautiful young lady. It was the perfect revenge. Something I would not have thought of, so you are extremely intelligent and devious as well. Tell us the story of what happened when he got back with the pizza. Would love to know what happened. Would love to have you as a friend. Keep your standards high, you deserve the best.

That was indeed a way to get even.Now you can find someone worth your while !! your are a beautiful girl .he had to be a looser from the start to lose someone as pretty as you ;)


Now if you had a decent boyfriend, would ****** his lap to reward him?

sure you never know

never "****" off a woman .... hahah .... good on you

thanks and true

Funny and creative! I bet he was some pissed...pun intended! lol

I'm sure he was.

Your way of saying 'it's over'? x

Yeah pretty much.