LOL I'm Too Shy to Write This Story Now!

Ok, we'll call her Luudmila, I knew her professionally until about 2or 3 years ago. She was 16-17 then so she'd be about 19 or 20 by now I guess. (No, I was not her teacher. People.) *lol*

Well, that's why i never made a move. *lol* Always seemed such a shame.

I'm not sure i even want to go out with her, I just wanted to see her outside work.

I didn't even talk that much with her at work because I always worried what my boss and collegues would think about me trying to be friends with her, just because of their dirty minds.

I know plenty about her from her actions though. "Luudmila" is a very caring, loving, understanding person, she is consciensious, and kind. She is intelligent, skillful, capable and eager to learn new things. She is great at handling large animals! hehe, woof!

I think she's awesome. I'd love to see her, as a friend. :)

"Luudmila" was guiding ponies at the back of the dunes near the beach, last time I saw her. I don't think she saw me. I didn't go up to her to try to talk to her, cuz there was like little girls on the ponies, it was their ponyride so I could hardly just interrupt to talk to their guide.. besides they'd have giggled through the whole awkward convo', wouldn't they? 

*lol* hmm I do hope I see her and talk to her. I have been alone for far too long. Maybe she was thinking she wanted to be friends with me anyway?

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Yup, got it. Correct the self-defeating self-talk <br />
(lies). I know. I am getting started on this. It is difficult at times. I want to just say, "but i AM useless/whatever" but I know it wont help me to say those things so I'm trying to be positive and 'record-over' those old messages with some new ones. :)<br />
Thanks again, nuevo. :)

Thanks for all the comments! <br />
I need to get my self-esteem sorted-out a bit. <br />
I still keep thinking I have nothing to offer.<br />
I can change that though, i just have to change the way I think about myself, start being positive.

Talk to her. Ask her for coffee or something. Don't spend your life worrying about what others might or might not think. If you never ask you will always regret that you didn't. Good luck.

I hope you get the chance to bump into her some day - and that she is pleased to see you :)