She'S Perfectly Imperfect

I don't know, Its like every time our eyes connect i feel myself wanting more of this girl. I get the weird feeling like she's supposed to be my wife like she's supposed to be the one but i can never bring myself to talk to her, i mean i talk to her but like beyond small talk and its weird because i can see it in her eyes that she at least wonders about me like i do her, I just wish i had the balls to do something about it but now its to late because she's back with her ex so i her, before that she was single for 3 months and i didn't even try to tell her i liked her i was to sacred of rejection but maybe all o this is in my head and i'm just obsessed.
but still i wonder..
This is the girl of my dreams,
Is she good as what she seems?
or am I lying to myself?
aye should I try and get some help?

KeezyDerp KeezyDerp
18-21, M
2 Responses Jan 27, 2013

Aww, man, Keezy...Be ready to swoop in and romance her when they break up again!

lol ! but what if its all in my head ? that's my biggest fear you know that i've just been imaging the whole thing and the things i thought were signs were actually just her being nice

HMM...That might be. Nonetheless...try.
You're bright, you're good-looking, give it a shot.

easier said then done but when i acually grow a pair we'll see

aww lucky girl, indeed

Or maybe just maybe i'm crazy lol

you just need to not talk...just kiss her...respond to my other comment on my question! i am on the edge of my seat!

j. cole (great song btw) reminds me of j. holiday: