Cnt Figure Dis 1 Out

I hate whn dis happenz... i like a grl an spnd lotza time tlkn 2 her jus 2 find out she likez sum otha dude. i mean i guess itz nt da end of da wrld, bt itz jus annoyn. dis grl n my class is so beautiful i thnk an i thawt she liked me cuz of da way she smilez @ me - nw dat i thnk bout it mayb datz y i like her, bcuz of da way she smilez @ me - an da way she will randomly wlk up an tlk 2 me knda da way u do whn u like sumone an u take n e random opportunity 2 tlk 2 dem... n e way i wuz tlkn 2 her n class 2day an she wuz tlkn bout sum of her ex's an i wuz askn who she iz gona tlk 2 nxt? she wuz like "i thnk dude ova there iz cute but he dnt tlk much an blah blah blah" i stopd listenin @ dat point an started noddin my head like an idiot... den i suggested she go tlk 2 him. i decided 2 giv her my numba an tld her 2 txt me. afta class she wnt out of her way 2 yell 2 me dwn tha street jus 2 say "hi, ill c u 2moro". smh. im jus gona hav 2 b str8 4wrd wit dis one an ask her out cuz i cnt figure her out... ok jus had 2 gt dat off my chest im betta nw lol

insaneoutside2003 insaneoutside2003
22-25, M
Jul 19, 2010