Yes, he does seem to like me... But I'm not sure, after tonight. We flirt alot and we're pretty good friends. We go to the same gym class and so I see him pretty much four days a week, which is nice. I like him so much... I play it off as a joke to my family, but they don't know how much I like him.

Anywho, he is so nice and acts a lot different around me than anybody else. And he's always flirting, even before I started liking him. You know how you can tell when hugs are meant? He means them haha, I hope. He's been starting to sit a little closer or tries to touch my hand or face, and then tonight.... it fell apart somehow....

We were talking and then something about significant others came up, then he said he had a girlfriend... I couldn't tell if he was serious because he kept turning away from me or avoiding the subject when I asked about it and then I didn't even get a goodbye hug. I didn't do anything wrong, but this broke my heart. I don't understand these mixed signals!!

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4 Responses Feb 17, 2009

:( <br />
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im sorry....

lol, yeah..I get ya. lol. and yeah!! you should be like heeey! lol.

hahaha! Whoo! *high five* lol, I dont think there is a girlfriend, not a serious one anyways.lol. but you should totally text him and find out about him!

Men are sneaky people.lol. but they are so darn adorable! hahaha.<br />
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but in all seriousness, I say keep doing what you are doing until he is honest about this "girlfriend"