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Wish Me Luck

Okay, so I met my friends 'brother' a while back and at that point I had liked someone else. Well, I got drunk...and he was drinking (i'm a light weight). Everyone else was sober. So yeah, i'm apparently really funny when i'm drunk so we were already having a good time. Our other friend brought icecream and I was so trashed I couldn't feed myself so this guy fed my icecream until it dropped into my palm. I went to get it but he slurped it off my was kinda weird but funny as hell.

So we've hung out a few times and BOOM! Instand connection. He's 20 and I'm 18 so there isnt' much of a difference. But I've always liked guys that were a little older than I. Anyways, he's really sweet and super strong. He works 3 jobs and so I know he's responsible. My mom noted about the money, but money doesn't really matter to me. I've been looking for someone I can get along with and play around with and learn from above all else.

I admit i've never met anyone like him. I've been attracked to him sense the first day and I know he likes me back so it makes things easier on my part. Next week we're all going to Jerome for the day so i'm excited about that. He seemed excited too when I bumped into him at his work. I had to cancel the last time becaue I had doctors appointments. He told me I should reschedual! I started laughing and ended up making an *** out of myself but I'm surprised that's all. I'm not very relationship-wise. If I get too nervous my nose bleeds. lol. But, wish me luck. Here we go!

AngelofStone AngelofStone 22-25, F 1 Response May 9, 2009

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