Glory Of Love-Peter Cetera


It may sound crazy, but when I hear this song, i think about one man, Jesus Christ.
He has been the only man that has never hurt me, disappointed me or made me cry.

Eros is fine, but Agape, the God kind of love, is the ultimate love.
Greater love has no man than to give his life for a friend.
He always fights for my honor.

I was once depressed. I said,  "Jesus , why do you need me? You have so many beautiful daughters."
He said, "Yes, but I've got only ONE Jilly."
God has only ONE you. His heart aches, cries, and weeps when he doesn't have you.
God is a spirit-THE ultimate spirit of love. We contact him only in the spirit.
Our minds and intellects are too limited to see him.
Jilly111 Jilly111
46-50, F
May 28, 2011