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I absolutely love a song called the A Team. Its about a girl, on crack. The video is really good! ******* excellent really! Shows her waking up , homelss , begging, stuck with the habit, so she goes out as a tom!! . Then getting her face made up, dressing up! Looking for a punter,getting one, staight to a hotel, getting his cash first before starting. One, staight for her drugs, can,t get ib fast enough. Setting up the stuff, getting ready, doing it, then she just dies!! God it makes me cry. But more than that, I love the verse:
And they say shes in the A_Team,, (class A drugs)
Stuck in her daydream
Been this way since 18
But lately ,her face seems slowly sinking wasting
crumble-ling like pastry
And they say the worst things in life are free
But shes just wonder the upper hand
 goes mad for a couple of gram mes
She don't wanna go outside tonight!
And in her pipe she'll fly to the mother land
Then sell love to another man
Its too cold outside, for angels to fly!
I like it cos I started 18, you lose your looks, and you're trapped into vicious circle Not that I was a tom, but I would do anything to get it it!!!! Youtube the song maybe??

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One of my absolute favorite sons, have you heard Little Lady? This guy (forgot his name) raps a more complex story and has verses of Ed Sheeran's song play as the chorus. It's really good!

Yeah I have heard Little Lady, it is sad but a relevant story in our times!! I'm glad you like Sheeran too, he is a fav of mine. Hey keep in touch, maybe we have more music in common??OK? Love Cath

Yeah sure!