The Dreaded Yardstick!

One day while I was teaching at the high school, I came across a discarded wooden yardstick. I took it with me, knowing I would be seeing my gf soon and would have a very definite reason to use it. When I first used it on her, I don't think she had a clear idea of what to expect. To be honest, I don't think I did either, because I went a bit light on her. Over time, I became much stronger in my strikes and she knew she was in trouble when I took out the yardstick. While she would reluctantly submit to other implements, she would stubbornly resist any mention of using the yardstick. About a month or two before our one year anniversary, she asked me to flat out ban the yardstick. I told her I would, but never threw it out. As our anniversary came, she broke a rule in a very egregious fashion and I planned (and taped) a very special spanking. First, I tied her to the bed, naked and spread eagle. Then, I spanked her with my hand. Next, a belt. And then finally, with the dreaded yardstick. I didn't really have a plan to use it, but friends of hers asked me to because of how it freaked my gf out and they wanted to see the video reaction. When I showed her the yardstick, she pulled and tugged at the ropes, but she was cinched pretty tight. I spanked her so hard that she used one of our safe words. I think I may have broken the stick on this visit. :) well worth it.
OhDaddyMmm OhDaddyMmm
36-40, M
Jan 20, 2013