My Boyfriend's Embarrassed....

I think he feels inadequate, but I like to see what they show (his 'pouch'). I tell him I don't care what other people think about the size of his equipment. After all, do I worry about the size of my breasts? (Of course I do, I just can't do anything to change that).

He's actually knockout attractive, not that it matters, but he's just so self conscious in public about his average equipment. Plus I like to tease him a lot. I tell him all the time, 'that woman is looking at YOU.' Ha ha, it's so funny how he tenses up and sort of closes himself, as if that made a bit of difference at all.

The funny thing is when we go to nudist resorts, where he's still average at best -- I mean in terms of size -- he doesn't seem to mind at all. I would have imagined he'd be even more self-conscious there, since he's shaved naked as a jay bird, just like me. (It's our 'deal.') When he was standing around drinking a beer in the parking lot next to the pool, I heard this older woman talking with him. He'd been explaining how he was trying to lose a few pounds (OMG, he's like 6 foot two and weighs 185, like he needs too!), and she was telling him how she was too. Then she rattles off that she thinks he looks great, right as she's staring at his p*n*s! OMG, I was furious. I came trotting out and asked him where was MY beer that he was supposed to be getting. I was so furious I walked him back to the pool and FORCED him to stay close to me the rest of the day...

Okay, so he's ashamed to wear a Speedo at a regular beach? Humpfffffffffffff!!!!!!!
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Such cuteness, the adorable...

I'd like you to see me in my speedos!

That us a funny story.


Good for you. I wear speedo suit all the time, no matter where I am (unless I am somewhere where I can wear a thong). Yes, I did feel self-conscious at first (many years ago), but got over that very quickly. I enjoy all the attention I get from the women.

Davyjo, Where do you live?

Why do you ask?

Just some areas, south Miami, it might be more accepted than say in Kansas City

or Colorado...

Yes, that's my guess. I haven't ever been to south Miami Beaches. Others in FL, just not south Miami


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I love to swim in them, and I suntan in the back yard we mine, but as far as around in public, like at a lake, I would rather not.

But if you're in shape, what are you missing??? Lots of cute smiles from girls like me......

Well that is true, but Some women are truly turned off by them.
but if you like my speedo, come swim in the lane next to me, or share my lane LOL

I would love too!

PS, do you think it would be fair to say some men are turned off by attractive women in bikinis? Do you think any of them care?

Men are much more simple than women, If she looks good it is pretty much universal 99% of the men will enjoy watching her. Women read a lot more into what they see, what is attractive to women are almost as diverse as women are. Some women would see a man in a speedo and think "that's hot" others would see the same guy and think "he is desperate" and other would assume he is gay.

I do like swimming laps next to women in my little speedo, and showing off as well. Sometimes I even hike up the back to show more skin as I swim

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I just recently started wearing a speedo at my gym & it made me feel very self conscious! Now I really like wearing them. I have a suggestion to help him if you want let me know.

I think that's a natural progression for men. Unfortunately, our society discourages men from displaying anything manly (with curves).

I completely agree!

Please make any suggestions you wish.

See if he will wear these
Thats how I started out & then moved to a brief style.


your very welcome!

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It happens girl!

Specially with the younger crowd....

Encourage him. My wife also likes to see my pouch when I wear my speedo or my thong

I like to see men in bikini style underwear

Then go **** someone else!!! WTF!!!???


That is hilarious, and you tell the tale well.

I always wondered why these errands took so long!!!!

I know the feeling. at least you support and encourage him!

I love wearing speedo, and I'm still bashful about wearing mine at the beach.

You're not wearing it enough.

try getting more comfortable at the pool wit lap swimmers

hey wear it and show it like i do so why be bashful look the other way and see some women in there suits thats what i like and just smile

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I love showing off my body at the beach and I'm 270 pounds

You have a LOT more to show off than I do, but more power to you!!!! (at 104 pounds)

Go buy a woman's Thong swimsuit and give it to him to wear. Ha

haha..... would he? maybe -- if it was what I said

I'm sure he would love me for that!

He's a brave man i dont think i could wear a speedo


Don't stop encouraging him! We guys need all the support we can get! The most difficult part of wearing a speedo is getting over that "image" issue.

Yes, I suppose...

I think older men have fewer hangups about them than young guys. I imagine its a combination of them being more common years ago,and the relatively recent stigma added by gay men. To top it off, old men are less worried about what kind of image they present at that age. They aren't off trying to defend their masculinity to everyone around.

You are correct in that there is a generational divide with the acceptability of speedos. The hostility toward speedos seemed to start in the late eighties and early nineties. As you have said, part of it was the association with "teh gay", as demonstrated by conservative press coverage of early Gay Pride events: they would focus on the floats featuring men with speedos as an item of ridicule. (It seemed that every time one of these reports were aired, men's swimsuit styles would get baggier and longer.) Another unwarranted argument against speedos was "Fat Guys Look Disgusting In Them." I don't have to tell you that a guy with a huge gut looks just as bad in board shorts! Finally, Speedos are handicapped in some areas in that they have been banned. "We are a family values establishment. We don't want you to traumatize the children!" Don't get me started with this one!
Thanks for your comments!

I agree that a guy with a huge gut looks as bad in board shorts as in a Speedo. But banned! OMG, I've never heard of that. Where?

I was an adult leader at a summer camp a year or two ago. We all got into our bathing suits for a swim check, with me and one other guy wearing Speedos. Based on the reactions, and the subsequent prohibition, you'd have thought we had physically assaulted the women lifeguards. That was the end of swimming for that summer, as Speedos are the BIGGEST bathing suits that I own!

I've had personal experience with some lakefront beaches in southeast Ohio.

Another interesting story is from a municipal pool in Kanab, Utah. The city announced a dress code for the pool that initially included a ban on all two-piece suits for women. Predictably there were howls of protest over that, and the code was adjusted to allow bikinis. Interestingly, the code for men still bans any form-fitting outfit, including speedos and jammers. Only clown-pants board shorts permitted!

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I wear a speedo and my wife is always pointing out other women and asking what I think they would be like in the sack. This keeps me half hard most of the time at the pool. She gets a kick out of other Girls checking out my package. She is always such a tease. She will talk to some of the women and the tell me that they think I look hot for an ole guy…I can’t tell if that was what she was talking to them about or just building me up….I know for sure she did one time. The woman said “ I told your wife that she was lucky to have a package like you. I replied “ thank you, did she tell you that I thought you would be a lovely afternoons entertainment ?” she replied “That I could be” we I have digressed from the subject. If you want him to wear the speedo don’t get real up tight when he gets checked out….

You've got a great wife, and a great relationship... and I guess as long as you understand why you wear a Speedo (or bikini or anything revealing, really), then that's cool.

OH, I am blessed. thank you

My bro has become much more popular now I convinced him to go back to them.
I wear bikinis because it makes me feel good so i don't see why he should miss out.

Fit guys wearing Speedos look awfully good...

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Well done. I got my brother to wear them again too. We used to both be in the junior life savers at the local beach when we were little . Our uniform was red one piece and the boys wore red speedos. Then he thought nothing of it. Lately he has become self conscious and only wears huge baggy shorts. Everyone seems to approve of these for some reason I cant work out. Why anyone would want to swim in them I don't know. Anyway we were on holiday miles from home and I said get some speedos so he did. It didn't take much encouragement just a bit. He looks so much better in them.

I'll bet he was a cute jr lifeguard in his little red Speedo! lol Glad he remembered how much easier they are to swim in.... Everyone seems to approve of huge baggy shorts for the reason that Gay Pride parades recently have worn them. Why anyone would want to swim in them I don't know, but guys are terrified of the "gay" label and will do anything -- including swim in canvas sacks, to avoid that label.

I think you are right and that must be what is happening here too. I think I made the mistake of telling my bro he still looked cute in speedos. He got embarased but sill wore them all holiday and the girls he met seemed to like them to.
Back home though and he is back to the sacks. Can't work guys out sometimes.

If you sis says get some Speedos you better do what she says! LOL

Oh, it's also common for guys ages 15 to about 24 to become extremely self conscious. Then they et over it and will go back to wearing Speedos...

I will be happy when the sack fad is over.

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At a nudist beach, shaming is very bad form. At a regular beach, people feel entitled to be cruel, scornful, dismissive, or just plain rude.

You clearly know nudist rules..... no comments on other people's bodies, because that's just plain rude!

like your story, i am a boy and am only 120 pounds, fit as can be tho. I wear them and thong swimsuits, they have helped build me, body wise. I used to be ashamed of being so small, also not that big down there. I feels really good tho when have all the girls around me at the beach, they all love it.

sounds like you figured it out.... lol

"I was furious." Oh, cmon. Cut him a little slack. You didn't really think he would abandon you for that older women did you? Besides, you want to be able to flirt with some of the hot dudes you meet without him going viral, don't you.

she was teasing, virtually preying on my guy... what do you think, I wouldn't care at all

you do have a point, about flirting I guess.... but I'm human too...

Yeah. Guys were always hitting on my wife. She loved to flirt back with them and watch their "reactions" (if you know what I mean). I knew it was all a game, so no big deal. If she noticed some hot babe before I did, she would always point her out, and if we were walking, would drop back as we walked by, so it didn't look like we were together. All harmless fun.


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Just goes to show ladies, if you don't want the average size penis somebody else will.

P*nis size...much ado about nothing...

Exactly. Your reassurance that you're not bother by his size is a confidence builder. The fact the other lady came up to him just shows it's not always the size.

it's never only about size....

Hehe don't get worked up that way.... show him off, let him flirt, make others' day, and get horny, THEN get worked up for exercising with the equipment!!!

Good solution....

Your story got me thinking and I tried to come up with an explanation: teenagers! Everytime I went to a 'normal' beach on a sunny day the place was overcrowded with children and teenagers and at no other point in your life you'll worry as much about how you look naked as while being a teenager and that's (one of the reasons) why you won't find many of them on a nude beach. One way to deal with being embarrassed about your body is to act immature about nudity and sexuality in general; that's why teenagers laugh when they see someone with a ***** or make jokes about people that they consider to be unattractive. So if wearing a speedo to a 'normal' beach is unusual at the place you live, your boyfriend will be embarrassed because people will stare at him because he's an extraordinary sight (unlike him being at a nude beach where everyone is 'dressed' the same way) and he will have to deal with a lot of immature people (unlike being at the nude beach where he will meet people like the nice lady you got jealous of...). I could be wrong, but it sounds like a good explanation to me :)

I think you are right! We never see teens at the nudist camps we visit. Between the ages of 12 and 24 they just disappear. Girls in college reappear first,thenthe guys in their mid and later twenties.

so are we

so are we
(I hate it when that happens!!!!!)

I like hearing how you encourage him to wear a speedo. My wife is the opposite, she tried to convince me that women make fun of guys in speedo. I even believed her and only wore them in private. A vacation in Miami changed all that. Now I wear a speedo all the time and found that many women approve. I think being in shape helps, especially at my age. I think not having a muffin top or belly roll helps as well. I'm impressed by your attitude. You will make him feel more confident about himself.

I think a fit guy in a Speedo, without a donut or fat tire, whatever you want to call it, is hard to beat. Love to see them, wish there were a lot more!!! Come on, you men!!!!

Twice a week doing laps, a solar, a rio cut and a regular cut =o)

good workout, the key is the laps

Haha! You should "train him" to wear them anyway, his difference in "tastes" is illogical! Plus, how can you say no to such a request?

We're working on it, training him, that is..... lol

I met a woman that I am hitting it off with. Somehow or another we turned to other topics which led to my choice in swimwear. I sent her a picture two days ago that I took of me in Florida wearing a 1" Solar, black. She says I'm quite sexy. :)

I'll bet she does. I like the standard men's Speedo racer, about 2 or 3 inch sides, covering the butt. I think that's the classic Speedo look, like a Brooks Brothers suit, or Camel hair sport jacket. Men just look so f*ckin hot in the right clothes!

This suit is my favorite. It gives full coverage and the sides are one inch. It's made by Speedo and I've always liked the Solar style. It is rare (except for the kids of course) for anyone to "disapprove" but I've always had positive comments. I remember when my former wife and I were leaving the pool on vacation to go back to our chairs and pack up for the evening. This couple came by, and she looked at it and smiled. Then my ex looked over her shoulder and the woman winked at her and smiled. And no, I don't have abs of steel or anything of the sort, I just wear them well.

Abs of steel are scary... it's better to look like someone's normal, not flabby, brother.

I tell ya clothing does that to people. Shed the clothes and all inhibitions seem to go away.

Of course men look good nude, too!

Women look soooooooo much better! ;)

haha to you. Thanks!

I swam in High School and my GF would come and watch. Eventually she had a little group of her girl friends that would come to, just to see us guys in our speedos.

I ran a survey, and most of those answering here hated them. But at the gym where I swim speedos are hot!!!

It hosts all the local swim clubs

It is sad that we still make judgements based on unimportant physical details.

The truth of it is, if you like swimming, and swim a lot, you want the most practical swimwear there is. What all swimmers know is that that's a Speedo style suit, whether for men or women. Pure ease and grace before, after but especially while you glide through the water.

Bumps and bulges can slow down the swimmer

unless they're streamlined...

It has been a while since I've been stream lined

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Tell your boyfriend it's okay to be a man. We have shapes too. Why hide it all under ten yards of fabric? Tell him the women would be jealous of you when they saw him with you and they saw him in speedos.

Sadly, I think lots of boys (men) are too condition in our society to hide their manly parts, even when its socially acceptable. I see all these pictures of guys from the 50's in mens bikini trunks, and European guys, French, Spanish and Italians, running around in them still. But here in the US, we're such a bunch of prudes.

I make my men wear a speedo if they want me on a swim date. lol

I've never had a woman complain about me wearing one that I was with. I still expect it though. If you ever are single again, look me up. I'm presently looking. I'll swim naked if allowed, and definitely in a speedo. ;-) You don't have a twin sister do you? LOL!!!

I agree with you. The US is a prudish country. And where I live, in the South, it's really bad. I love the gulf coast but it is called "The redneck Riviera" for a reason. Next year I'm going to try the Tampa bay. I found a small beach house with a private pool that I can rent for the week.

OMG I popped the question..... OMG!!! Most responses say women hate them.... OMG!!!!

It's probably being shaved that's got him self-conscious. It seems that guys rarely do it. I've been shaved/epilated for a couple of years. At first, I thought everyone would be looking, then I thought that most guys try not to (duh) look at each other (homophobia). What changed it completely was when I would strike up a conversation with someone and they treated me like anyone else. Then I realized that it really didn't matter if I was shaved or not. And now I rarely even think about it.<br />
<br />
However, what is GREAT is that 1) I don't look like a scarecrow in a Speedo or G-String and 2) I no longer get hair caught in my underwear that makes me squirm. Life is better now (except for the ingrown hairs).

I feel the same way about being shaved now. At first I was self conscious, but it wore off. Every once in a while, I get the impression someone is looking in the showers. Those aren't the real problem, it's when you go in 'public' nude. Most of the time, I mean nude resorts. Once in a while at mixed places (clothing optional) you get rude people who make remarks. I wrote a story about the worst time that happened, at few years ago. It was a drunk girl trying to impress her 2 boyfriends. as far as I was concerned, she was a ****you know what****.

I think guys who are shaved (women too) just naturally fill out their speedos better. LOL

I guess so, depends how far you go...

I like every hair trimmed below the neck

I am, so is he. In his speedo, I swear you can see the outline of the head of his p*n*s, pretty clearly. I think he looks TERRIBLY cute...

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Get your husband some cialis to take before you go to the beach. Also, buy him a **** ring or sleeve that he can put around his **** & balls. That will make him walk around proud in a speedo. I also cut out the lining so that the outline of my package is clearly visible. Maybe he'll get a lot more excited about wearing it to the beach. There's nothing like the looks I get from women when I'm coming out of the water sporting an erection and having my wet, nearly see-through speedo clinging to my body.

I bought my GF some Calvin Klein nylon underwear for the beach. I image they look about like the speedo without a lining. LOL

ooops, i meant bf

Does cialis work? How about a **** ring what does that do, vibrate? Can you see it through the suit?

Cialis works great and lasts all day! If he puts the ring around his penis and balls, it will not be seen. Great pic of you.

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