The Ups And Downs Of The Speedo Story.

To me speedos are the most sensible and practical swimwear that has evolved and been created over time. But it hasn't been an easy challenge to get people to accept it. It seems that by the fifties or sixties that the battle had been won. The technology was there to create the "perfect" swimsuit that would be practical and enjoyable for everyone. The material of nylon was used and seemed to fit the bill. Most people seemed to accept it with the sexual revolution and all. Mark Spitz popularized the male version and the female version never was a problem. Lycra was the answer to any problems with nylon and all should have been kosher in the male speedo world. However that didn't turn out to be the case. In my opinion, the sexual aspect of speedos became associated with "gay". What wasn't a problem before became a problem with the sudden awareness in the eighties of an actual, real gay reality, especially with aids and the gay militant movement making news in the media.

The average guy wearing speedos suddenly looked in the mirror and saw "gay" and was traumatized. The answer to this "problem" was huge monster swimsuits designed to eliminate any thought of "gay" from the equation. This idea was extended to all clothing, so the "large" revolution was on. All shorts were made longer. Just compare basketball shorts from the eighties or earlier with those today. Same with soccer etc. Everything became baggy and huge in male fashion. Today it is hard to find a male wearing speedos at the beach mainly because of the changes in the last 25 years.

Today things have backed off a little bit. Baggy has slimmed down but men's swimsuits still extend to the knee. It just isn't practical to have enormous fitting clothing and swimsuits and besides it looks stoopid. Speedos just won't go away completely because they are so practical. Swimmers actually use them now for training and only use the larger suits in competition. You can still wear them at the beach and survive. Perhaps we are returning to a more sane attitude towards this "controversy". I sure hope so.
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When you are talking Olympics, then you talk Speedo, which were developed in 1955, the year I was born and year before the Melbourne Olympics. In the 1972, Speedo developed the 2 ounce men's costume in weight - a major break through. Not only was it light for obvious reasons but quick drying for the long sessions in the pooI endured by many a swimmer. I have always worn them and I will continue to wear them.

The old classic 100% nylon Speedos are the best, thought the fabric's clingy when wet. They cover the body parts well,with just enough suggestion that you can tell. Speedo stopped making these in the 90s,I guess, and started using Lycra/Spandex. These ones look great when they're new, shielding the body parts, well. My nips and other parts corresponding more to a man's well, p*nis, doesn't show at all..... until about 15 swims in a chlorinated pool. Then the Spandex dissolves, so my p*ssy shows through -- along with my *ss-cr*ck and who knows what all else? Needless to say, now I look like a wh*re, a trampy wh*re. Gawd, how I wish Speedo would go back to 100% nylon swimsuits!

I Totally agree. I also believe that manufacturers have used it as a clever marketing tool.

I can't believe you guys worry so much about the g*y epithet. I mean, really, who cares?