Speedo Comeback??!

my wife and I spent this past weekend in Carolina beach and we took a day trip down to myrtle.
I saw several men wearing short bathing suits at both beaches. none were Speedos, but they were less than mid thigh. it was interesting to see this trend in both places. and most of the guys daring to wear these shorter suits were straight men some were even military. thought it was interesting. my sister's new boyfriend is military and he was wearing a short suit. my sister made fun of him and asked him to cover them. she didn't like it when I said..... what's wrong with them, he's not the only one wearing them. she abruptly said, " this coming from my brother who wears a speedo"!
my jaw dropped when her new man said," there's nothing wrong with wearing a speedo".
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4 Responses May 20, 2013

I've worn a speedo since I was born, as well as my Dad and 4 brothers in the Boston area. We have a house on Cape Cod and I we've always worn our speedos at our beach. Screw the jerks! Speedos rock!

My experience is that if you keep doing it, other men will eventually follow. They notice looks and responses you may overlook. :)

This is most encouraging!

I agree! I love to wear my tiny bikini "speedo". It does seem to get a lot of attention on the beach, from both males and females.
My wife is not sure about it though.

Because there ISN'T anything wrong with wearing a speedo. Kudos to your sister's bf!