My Speedo Fetish

I'm not sure when my fascination with speedos began.  I was an unhappy, fat kid, but I think seeing Mark Spitz wearing his USA speedo when winning the Olympics allowed me to fantisize that I was him.  I found I felt sexy in the suits, but quickly realized I needed to both slim down and improve my swimming abilities to really feel good in them.  I wasn't actually able to do both until lmy 20's.  I was about 16 when he won.  At that time, speedos were really popular and accepted as appropriate swimwear for just about anybody.  Over time however jokes started appearing about guys walking around with a bag of marbles between their legs, and they fell out of fashion.  I think this happened around the same time that basketball shorts started getting longer, and longer, and even longer!  Now, I think there's a prohibiton in the NBA that they can't be longer than a certain length.  Pretty ironic in my opinion; I still wear actual shorts.  The things popular today I call longs.  I must look pretty good in them because I get compliments from women about my sexy legs and butt.  Speedos are a different story.  Some how they've become a gay badge which saddens me.  I'm pretty sure they satisfy some sexual need or fantasy for me, but it's harmless, and I continue to wear and buy them, even with the social stigma they've acquired.  I know I'm heterosexual, but I find hard bodied men in speedos really attractive - I think it's the suit looking good, and not so much the guy.  I'm not aroused by naked good looking men in the locker room, but I am envious of them.  I've got a nice body from constant exercise and swimming, but even so there are obvious signs of aging..


Over time, I've acqired several hundred suits; thus my obsession tittle. For a long time I wore them around the house and working outside as well as at the pool, but have become less public in them and really only wear them when sunning,which I really like, and indoors by myself when home and at the pool.  I really stand out at the pool, but I don't care.  I keep hoping they'll come back in fashion.  Why they're so readily accepted in Europe and South America and not here, I don't know.


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I love them too. Been wearing them since 14 and now I'm 54.

Yeap I own two a blue and black speedo. They feel awesome. I love them.

i find them sexy - i am a female that thinks they look hot. A lot of women don't agree but i like them

Great! read! I can totally identify with ALL your feelings and experiences. Nice to know that there are others who share my experiences with beautiful, bulging speedos!

I really enjoy wearing them and I've come to the point of realizing that there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Its rather strange to me that it's perfectly OK to be nude above the waist for men but weirdly forbidden to show your thighs! All this is irrational. I think that most people implicitly realize this, so if you wear your speedo in public, do so with absolute confidence that it is perfectly correct and proper. If more men did so then there's a good chance that the speedo will make a big comeback because it is so practical and sensible.

I'm on the same page here! I think swim briefs look good on men that are in shape. I'm 33 yrs old originally from South America. Growing up in the 80s in South America, swim briefs were popular, and very common in boys and men. I'm a bodybuilder and enjoy wearing all kinds of swim briefs and squarecuts. I do not like the long parachutes, potato sack, and skirt looking swim shorts a lot of men wear nowadays.

I wear squarecuts at the beach and swim briefs at the pool. I do not care what people think. If they do not like it...too bad! Go somewhere else or don't look! These type of swimwear were popular in men in the USA in the 50s, 60s, 70s, and even 80s. After that, I believe hip-hop culture gave a strong influence in swim attire for men, which is awful! People in the USA let themselves be influenced too much with POP culture and what everyone else wears.

To this day, swim briefs and squarecuts are still common in South America, and they are not labeled as "gay". In fact a lot of Latinas love to see men in those! I think most women in the USA are either prude or I do not know how this stupid stigma started in the USA. Be confident and wear whatever you want as swimwear, as long as it is appropriate.

Got a bunch of Speedos, love em , wear em..... I'm 55...and yes I look damn good in them.

You sound like your fit, and pretty confident. I suspect I would find that at your age, YOUR HOT!!! lol

I'm like "sunshine seeker." I love Speedos, but my boyfriend only has five (****sigh****). Bright red racer, orange marmalade print racer (fav), blue racer, vertical ********, solid blue racer and the MOST FAGGY looking drag suit you ever saw!!! OMG! (He's hopelessly hetero, though) I like his old ones better. The leg elastic is loose, so when he walks or swims, occasionally his package shows a little or he hangs out a bit, just every so slightly. As far as that goes, he's probably just average in size, hmmm maybe 5-6 inches, erect. But he's extremely good looking and relatively (OK, extremely) fit, so other women stare at him (and his package) all the time. Well, guess who gets 'the package?' That's right, me. THEIR SO JEALOUS!!!<br />
<br />
Keep on wearing Speedos, guys, if you want to drive us normal women -- that is, me -- crazy!!!

Thanks for the response, again. I know a lot of women probably feel the same way as you and like to see men in speedos, but maybe some are afraid because they think they are looking at gay men. To some, maybe this is what grosses them out???
Either way, I know that I get interested and appreciative looks from women when I wear them.
Regarding the older speedos, my wear out after 6 months in Florida, so I couldn't imagine getting a real old one. Plus the elastic problem that your boyfriend has could be a major problem for me. However, I've found that if you buy the off-brand ones at the beach stores, and my girlfriend cuts out the lining, they show about all that I could legally show at the beach. And that might even be pushing it. The lighter colors like yellow or even red, are practically see-through when they get wet. And because the fabric is so thin, it really clings to my package. When I wear these, I really have to be careful about getting an erection. There's not enough support to keep my package down or to the side if I get arroused, and therefore I end up pointing straight up. This makes it difficult to keep it under the fabric.
Since you are nudist, I have a question. My girlfriend and I are thinking of going to St. Martin to go to the nude beach. How does your boyfriend handle erections at nudist resorts or beaches? I ask this because I'm almost certain that I will be aroused and will get hard. Are men expected to cover up if this happens? What if I get erect in the water and have to walk to my towel? Do others freak out?

Erections at nude beaches: Well, first of all, if it happens, enjoy it! Lots of young guys get semi hard, but the only really full erections I've ever seen at nudist clubs are little boys, prepubescent, maybe 8-13. They ignore them, as do their mothers and sisters but a lot of young boys that age sport an erection and it doesn't bother them. No one comments on it and it doesn't really mean anything. My BF, GF and I think its rather cute when we see it. We ignore it though, it would be rude to say anything in public.

If I were you I wouldn't worry about it. If you get one sunbathing, you can throw a towel over it or hop in the water. Among the make guests, ages 20 or so and 40ish, they're rare. Among the old guests 40+ they're unheard of. No one freaks out.

The 'gay thing'is a male thing. Women aren't particularly homophobic, especially like young guys, who are terrified that they will be tagged 'gay.' We're more like, who cares. Homophobia is a male thing. Learn to ignore it and be yourself.

Oh, and no one expects you to do anything at a nudist club EXCEPT sit or lay on a towel...

Thanks for your reply. I went to the nude beach in Miami this past weekend by myself. Wanted to see how I handled it before going to St. Martin. What I expected to happen did. I set my towel near the water away from the large groups of people. Almost as soon as I pulled my speedos off, I started to get hard. The sun and breeze felt very good on my package. After awhile, my man parts settled down and just layed to the side. Problem I had though was that a lot of people walk along the water, and whenever I spotted women walking my way, I instantly started getting hard again. I was never pointing to the moon, but was quite hard and pinned against my stomach. The women walking by seemed to enjoy looking at me. I had sunglasses on, so They thought that I was sleeping, when I was actually watching their reactions. It was quite a turn-on. It will be interesting to see my girlfriends reaction if this happens in St. Martin, which I'm sure will.

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I love my Speedos, I wear them every day in public. I wear them under swim trunks when I swim as I am not in shape and self conscious about me appearance and I also wear them as underwear. It feels great to wear them all day.

I love Speedos. I hate how people think it's "gay" to wear them.

That's their problem

Speedos - have you heard of Budgie Smugglers?

I've heard this term. It's probably from the board shorts crowd... Would you call bikini bottoms '***** protectors?' lol About as stupid....

I also love Speedos but haven't the courage to wear them in public. Sad to see the beaches awash in these ugly boardshorts...

Only because so many young guys are like you. Time to put on your big boy pants -- and Speedo. LOL

A straight lad can get turned on by other guys wearing speedo's and still be straight. Seeing another goodlooking lad with a big bulge in speedo's is a guy looking his best, and if you happen to be endowded, all the better, if not, young guys always look in them.

You've hit the nail on the head there so to speak. One of the main reasons most guys won't wear speedos is because they are terrified of how turned on they are by Speedos. One of my friends (also straight) confided in me that he didn't wear Speedos because he couldn't pull them on without getting an erection!

I agree, you don't have to be gay to appreciate seeing another fit guy in Speedos. I'm a fit guy and when I see another wearing Speedos I usually think - "he looks cool - I hope I look that good in mine" that's all! Actually these days I feel a kind of kinship with any guy who defies the prevailing bullshit anti-Speedo view...and feel like high-fiving them

I so agree !! I'm 26 and refuse to wear boardshorts either at the beach or when I swim laps, and there is a definate kinship with fellow Speedos wearers. To be honest, I do find the erection problem very embarressing as I often get hard when I wear them, but then when you actually notice other young lads wearing them, many of them are either partially or fully erect at some stage too. I say, so what? Don't like to watch, don't look !! We don't complain about women's breasts in bikinis, so what's different about a man's package?

Uhmmm, I don't think straight guys 'get turned on' by a guy wearing a Speedo or not. I think a lot of straight homophobic guys are extremely embarrassed when other men wear them, cuz they feel inadequate. But really,I don't think most straight guys care other than women will gauge the size of their package. if they're afraid they're small, they'll worry.

What do women really think about? Mainly, "Oh gawd that guy in the Speedo looks cute. How can I get him to come over and talk to me?"

Guys with experience are not ashamed or afraid if attractive women around them 'turn them on' and give them an erection. Young men worry about it, though. Most women are actually a little flattered. It's natures way of giving us a salute. Men are so afraid to tell us were attractive, or they like us. An erection couldn't say it more cutely.

You're cool... Most women understand any guy between the ages of 14 and 44 is going to be semi hard virtually all the time. Do you care if my nipples get hard, or I get the goosebumps? Do I care? No I love it.

I agree 100% with Luke. I'm completely straight but always get hard straightaway looking at other guys in speedos if they're in good shape and you can see their bulge. At the pool where I go to swim laps in the morning I often have an erection in my speedos either in the changing room or on the way to the pool deck but I notice a lot of other guys are at least partially hard too, and trying to sneak peeks without staring!

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I live in Florida and there are a lot of Europeans that vacation here, so Speedos are seen regularly on all South Florida beaches. I started wearing them when a girlfriend bought them for me when I was in my early 20's. I was initially very reluctant, but once she convinced me to wear them, I experienced other women checking out my package. This became a real turn-on, that made me get quite excited. I quickly realized that a lot of women enjoyed checking me out, especially when I became slightly erect. My girlfriend noticed this as well and actually liked me being excited around other women. She began making sure that I was looking proud in front of other women by rubbing me when we were in the water. This made me totally erect and almost poking out of my Speedos. It was incredible when we came out of the water and the women were just staring at my package. Wow! I'm now in my 40's, still in shape and wearing a Speedo. I let my current girlfriend know that I liked wearing a Speedo, and she liked that. With out me even saying anything, she began doing the same thing that my first girlfriend did, by making sure that I looked good in front of other women. What a turn-on! She says she enjoys seeing me hard in my Speedo, and having other women looking at me, while not being able to have me. I would highly recommend all men to try it. Maybe on vacation first where no one knows you. Once you've worn a Speedo with a hard-on in front of other women while being with a girlfriend and not looking gay, you'll never wear board shorts again!

You and your GF get it (and got it)... I think its so ironic that most young guys who treat women as sex objects are soo terrified that we would do the same.

Well, if we did, wouldn't you enjoy it? Guys who get it are comfortable with women and wear Speedos. We love them!

Speedos are not going to be making a comeback, unless we all wear them more often. We will have to get more women to not look down on them. I hear more negative comments from women than men. Most men I know don't care, they just don't want to upset the women.

Have you ever asked a woman how she felt about Speedos? Women do not look down on them; they love them. It's just that you think that because your afraid to confront your real fear, which is having women look down on you wearing something vulnerable. How quaint (I'd say queer, but) that you'd let your fears define who you are. Talk to real women...

Great comments, all of them. Bring back speedos!!! And if not- then who cares??? Wear them because they are effecient for swimming, tanning, and more!!! Baggy shorts are for those who follow fashion trends!!!, not me!!!


Would somebody please tell me what the attraction of board shorts is? They look ugly, they're a huge drag when you're swimming, all that wet cloth flaps around your legs when you get out of the water, they're wet and heavy in your bag when you pack up to go and they take forever to dry. And if you've a nice body, half of it's hidden.<br />
So why on earth are they so popular?<br />

I hold the same observations that you have expressed. Speedos for swimming win hands down over board shorts for practicality in every way, so obviously there's a lot of people who don't care about practicality. This boardshort "fashion" came about in the last 20 years or so. I believe this started when males became more concious of the gay world and they connected speedo type swimwear with gayness. To seperate themselves from this, they adopted the "I'm a straight male" uniform which included the boardshort, but also giant clothing of every description which serves to hide any male attributes. This "style" acts like a burqa for the male. They prefer to suffer phyisically in the way you've described rather than show any attributes and be thought of as "gay", even to the point of looking like a clown. As to these things being popular, I don't think that there's tons of enthusiasm out there.

Boardshorts have no positive attraction. The only kind of clothing that looks good is the kind that accentuates the human form - boardshorts set out to do the exact opposite of that and therein lies their attraction - a negative attraction.

Boardshorts offer a place to hide for the shy, the self concious and those who lack confidence in their manhood and physique. They are ugly, they are completely impractical and they are extremely uncomfortable in the water and afterwards. They have nothing going for them yet incredibly, they are still the most popular choice of swimwear. Sadly males in our society have succumed to a tide of anti-male bullshit in our mainstream media and I think it is tragic that male sexuality has been demonized to the point where most males are now scared and ashamed of their own bodies... I pity those who wear Boardshorts....

They're for shy and homophobic young men

There's tons of enthusiasm among women and girls. Tonnes!!! Who do you dress for? Your fears or your GF?

You get it. I pity poor guys who suffer an ill fitting swimsuit to look 'not gay' for other young men. Too bad, they're so stupid. Women love them!!!

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I am around your age, and do not have a collection at all. just 3 speedos a red with no lining which really is out of shape now and should be thrown away, a black which is fine but my favorite is my cobalt blue with the Speedo logo on the left. i live in NY and even though no one ridicules anyone in wearing one , it is just not worn by many anymore which is sort of sad. I hope they do make a comeback. <br />
<br />
Speedo On....

Like anything, Speedos will be popular or not depending on how people view them. It's too bad the gay crowd adopted them, but that doesn't mean straights can't do the equivalent of 'taking back the night.' Men who enjoy Speedos should wear them -- ignore the peer pressure not tool.

Dear jmeyers318 - I understand exactly how you feel. I used to have a pair of Mark Spitz swim briefs which I treasured. I live in England and regularly wear Speedo swim briefs at the local pool. My son wears brief trunks as well (he's 28 years old). However I think he's an exception as briefs seem now only to be worn by the over 40s and the under 40s wear baggy swimwear.<br />
I envy you your collection - am the proud owner of only 19 swim briefs so have a long way to go to match you - keep up the good work.<br />
Best wishes<br />

oldboy you sound young at heart

Thanks. It's good to know there are others who feel similarly.

I live in Northern Ireland which is in Europe, but it's still not accepted here, not that's there are rules against it or anything, but expect buckets of ridicule if caught wearing one. Not that anyone here goes swimming that often anyway, the pools are rubbish and the sea is too cold to do anything.<br />
<br />
That was an awesome story, thanks jmeyers318!

Expect buckets of ridicule? My BF wears them whenever and where ever he wants. The only time he gets 'buckets of ridicule' is when someone wants to die -- not that he would kill them -- just that his body physique and physical conditioning make him PRETTY INTIMIDATING.No one gives him any crap. Men are awed; women enjoy him. If you wear a Speedo try to be in good shape.