Until My Ears Ring

   My goodness I love spicy anything.  I lived in Guadalajara, Mexico for about 6yrs as a child.  Now I'm Cuban and Sicilian, we really don't eat spicy food but living there is where the roots started for my spicy vice.  At my private school during recess we were aloud to get treats and those treats or candies were always covered or rolled in hot stuff.  My favorites were a mango loli-pop rolled in hot chili and tarugos (just like a gum drop with hot chili).  After school was even more of a mouth watering fill.  There would be men selling cucumbers, jicama, carrots, and oranges in separate little bags filled with lime juice and lot of hot sauce.  This was something I had to have, I just couldn't wait on a daily basis to get my fill and until my ears were ringing I wasn't satisfied.  Today everything is bland to me.  I have to have hot peppers and hot sauce in almost everything I eat.  No I don't get heartburn from it.  I'm totally immune I should say.  It's really all about getting my ears to ring.

freedom37 freedom37
36-40, F
May 16, 2010