Spicy Food Not Food Topped Spices

I like spicy food i really do 

But i like REAL food that's spicy not half a diseased rat caught in the gutter and just smothered with spices.

My dad owned a small family butchers and every Friday the local curry house chef would drop by and get his meat 

he bought the gristle the gibbets the offal things no one else would buy the real disgusting death row food. 
Waiters bring out this offal drowned in spices and then he'd charge them restaurant prices for what was literally waste. 

It took years for him to be closed down just thinking of how many thousands of people ate that dirt makes me queasy

So now days i eat Thai, i'm addicted to chilly sauce i love me some Tacos and Chinese spicy pork counts for about an inch of my waist.

But if i cant taste whats been covered in the spices i wont touch it 

Randomguy22 Randomguy22
18-21, M
Jan 16, 2012