A Date With a Buffalo Wing...

When I was in college, a football player asked me out.  We went to the local tavern known for having DELICIOUS buffalo wings.  I ordered my usual, super hot wings.  He ordered the same.  I told him "Don't try to hang with me if you're not used to these.  I eat them all the time."  Of course, being a man, he didn't change his order.

The wings came, and they were delicious, as always.  I ate them with a smile on my face.  He, on the other hand, was turning red, breathing hard, and sweating.  I didn't comment, but I did think it was funny, and had a good laugh with friends later.

That was our only "date".  There was no love connection, I just went out with him b/c he was cute.

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I love a very hot chicken vindaloo

The most amazing thing about the whole "Buffalo Wing" thing: I never knew Buffaloes could FLY!!!!!!!

I did the same with wasabi to my ex bf. I told him, here have some on your sushi, he put the whole thing on a small sushi roll and well he couldn't breathe, turned red and I just died laughing haha.

Buffalo wings are awesome!<br />
<br />
Only problem for me is that even when the menu says their "atomic" - I only find them mildly hot.<br />
<br />

hahah Buffalo wings huh.....does this place start with the letter D?

When I first met my girlfriend, I had never before eaten a chilli pepper, she was actually chewing them.<br />
<br />
she said "here try one of these" I didnt know what to expect so i started chewing, next think My throat was on fire, instant heartburn, I thought I was going to die...<br />
<br />
She was laughing, I tried drinking water made it worse, when I think back to it now I have to laugh, we often use chilli's when we cook but I would still never attempt to chew one again LOL.<br />
<br />
We're still together nearly 5 years on and we both enjoy cooking spicy food regularly

once i ate a small piece of chili and i was dying lol. my face turned red i was sweating crying etc. anyway, it took a while but ik wat u mean. ill eat spicy food but not the really really spicy

I thought so also....heheheh

lol that's funny! (=


GUys are like that...My sister dated a guy once...His car broke down in our drive way...She told him that it was the carb...did not believe her...Well it was and she tore it dorn and rebuilt it.....Do not know why he never called her for another date???

I hope he paid for dinner after the free.repairs!

Lol that is so funny!

At first, I thought you meant you had a date (as in date with laundry, etc) with an actual chicken wing, you know where you wrote "he was turning red", like the sauce on the wing, and they're always hot, so it made sense that the wing would be "sweating", it wasn't until breathing hard, that I understood it was a GUY!! Okay, I'm no rocket scientist..and maybe food IS more fun than dating, who knows?? Story is a good laugh either way! Thanks for sharing! :)

Y'all made me laugh out loud at the thought! Thanks, lol.

They found him sitting in the creek the next morning.

That is funny, I bet he burned twice.