I Love The Sauce..

Maybe I just can't find the proper thread..but I'm looking for some convo about hot sauce!! I have found it to be an addiction of mine and currently went to a sub store in Georgia that specializes in over thirty hot sauces. I got their "hottest" one...a 10+ on the scale of 1-10, called "Dave's gourmet insanity sauce." It doesn't start out hot, but I have found you have to use the perfect amount or your mouth loses feeling. I have also found that if you ingest too much (for myself anyway) I get wicked diarrhea that lasts about two days. Ok, so that was TMI but just trying to show how much I love hot sauce. Just wondering what other people's favorites are, and if I could get some recommendations for other crazy sauces....
IronFist80 IronFist80
22-25, F
Jan 6, 2013