A Gift Given At Birth

I don't know how many people here will feel the same, and I may get scolded... but, I'm completely annoyed by people who complain something is too spicy.

I think that our tolerance for spicy food is something that is a part of us, we're born with it, and not necessarily something we can control... but it's because of that, that makes me not understand when someone will cry, or refuse to eat something so delicious.

My son is 3, and he eats everything that I eat spicy. Even a salsa that gets MY taste buds tingling, he will scarf down like it's nothing. My daughter who is 4, and given the same exact chances to try new foods, won't touch the stuff.

So, I know it's not someones 'fault' that they're a total wimp... but it still bugs me. --I worked with a lady who would cry if she got too much black pepper on something. We had ordered lunch out at one of my favorite mexican restaurants, and she ordered a smothered burrito with mild chili. So, she's eating and comes across a small bit of green vegetable in the chili. "Oh my God! What if I had put that in my mouth??" She's screaming, almost in tears, and throws the rest of her lunch away. I had to explain to her, that even green chile's can be mild, and it's how to make green chili. That bugged me.

I made lemon pepper chicken once, and my step-son refused to eat it, saying it was too spicy. That bugged me.

My best friend in high school would order mild chili everywhere we went, and she was still reduced to tears while dining with me... on several occasions. That bugged me.

When I eat mild anything, I can barely even taste it. It tastes bland to me. Spicy food doesn't hurt, and I cannot even fathom crying over it...

Perhaps, I'm intolerant to people who are intolerant. LOL

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15 Responses Sep 2, 2008

I remember watching a show on Food Network a few years back where this guy who prided himself on his ability to have pepper spray sprayed into his mouth and he could survive that. The spray had a SHU rating of about 200,000. They gave him a drop of some extreme sauce on a toothpick and it tore him up BAD!!! He had a 'fire ring' around his mouth, and he was crying and carrying on... I found that very funny

Yeah they recommend 1-3 drops to heat up 3 gallons of red chili!

I am absolutely a fan of good spicy food. I feel that there is a very distinct difference between spicy and hot food. I think that any fool can dump a bunch of hot sauce into a dish and make it hot, but you have to understand food and spices to make a dish 'spicy hot'. I am a collector of hot sauces, have been for years.... I have a sauce called "Z Factor' it is rated at 4,000,000 Scoville Heat Units, by way of comparison a jalapeno pepper is at the most 20,000 Scovilles. Now thats HOT!!!!!

OOOO! Spicy talk!

guuurrrlll...I'll cuuuttt yeeewww.

rude!! Sahcuraddy!!! She needs to go! Get her spice lovin *** oudda here!

Yes, Mrs. smartass celery 3000. I want my money now.

You mean does it qualify you to receive funds from the telethon?

Hey, I wrote a story on Hot and Sour soup. That counts right?

Thank you! I really can't help it if I have good taste!!! And I, in turn, will respect those of you "special" folks who are saddled with the affliction of too few taste buds. In fact, we ought to have a telethon for you! How else are you to pay for all those expensive peppers and spices? Get Jerry Lewis on the line!

It used to really bug me that I couldn't tolerate spicy foods until I read an article that said some people have a higher number of taste buds which allows them to sense taste at a much higher level than others. I have determined that I am one of those people. Now I'm a bit proud of myself when I cough and gag and my eyes start to water. I'm more special than you cretins with so few taste buds that you have to smother your food in spices! Yay me!

Likewise, send me the recipe so that I can eat it up!!! My daughter just purchased a hot sauce labeled :The Wolds Hottest Sauce" and while it does a good job burning you the first time you use it, it loses its firepower after you become accustomed to it.

That's ridiculous! Crying over spicy food? If you take one of these fools out to dinner you ought to warn them that if they can't handle a little flavor they should pack a Pepperoni Pizza Lunchable and a juicebox.<br />
<br />
Lightweights.<br />
<br />
I just went to heat up some Chinese leftovers and I just realized i'm OUT OF HOT SAUCE. I've got way too much stress right now to be out of sauce. All I have is spicy Buffalo sauce and while that's spicy and delicious it simply will not work on lo mein. What am I to do?<br />
<br />
Saucelessly yours,<br />

No disagreeing with you on that! However, if my son-in-law even gets near spicy hot sauce, he starts sweating like he was in a sauna. Not a pleasant experience for him, although I still chide him that he is missing out on the best tasting food!

While I completely agree with you on the love of spicy food, there are those with different tolerances for spiciness and so they cannot tolerate or react badly to the spicy contents.<br />
<br />
I just enjoy my hot stuff and do not worry about others liking it or not.