I Love Hot Chilis!

 I just wanted to share my love for Chillis, the Hotter the better! 

I used to think jalapeno's were hot then I tried the habaneros and more recently the Bhut Jolokia. The worlds hottest! at over 100000 scovilles it is many many times hotter than hot!

take a look at http://www.edibleextreme.com to sample some mouth watering and eye watering chillis!!!! 

love everyones posts, nice to read about peoples love for spice. :-)

bhutjolokia bhutjolokia
1 Response Jul 21, 2009

Ah, I'm with you here! Now I like to have habanero chillies and other and other types with me wherever I travel and just chew them like they are, all my friends and my boyfriend look at me as though I was mad even though some of them really do share the passion of hot food with me...<br />
I started loving strong, hot food when I was about six...I try to experiment, but haven't yet found anything that is too strong for me now...<br />
And I really do not taste less in "ordinary" food, I love all kinds of different foods and dishes not only strong..but it really is GOOD with hot stuff, namely chillies!