No I Dont ... I Love It

I love love love spicy food. And i also hate bland and sweet stuff [except for chocolate :)]. I crave spicy food and I feel depressed if there is something spicy near me that I cant eat [ok ... maybe not depressed ... but you know how it feels when you're just dying to have sex with that cute guy over there and you just cant get it right then .. lol]. I guess this is a result of being Indian. My Japanese aunt came here and bit something spicy and burst into tears. My Aussie aunt, well, she didnt cry [thank god!!!] but she did complain that the most bland foods were spicy. Now you get an idea of my taste.
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Jamaican Jerk Chicken - Hot or mild / copy paste links on Google to view pimentos type

1- 3 lb Chicken

1 Lime

24 Pimento Beans (Allspice) -

2oz Scallion

2 Scotch Bonnet Pepper -

Warning for the Scotch bonnet (pepper) = once you crack them open you’re ****** big time. They are considered the spiciest pimentos, especially the red ones. The Caribbean cuisine uses it in different ways. My mom when cooking per example will let them boil with meat liquid during cooking or with rice water but always warns us, do not crack them open.

5sprigs. Thyme

1/2 whole Nutmeg (Grated)

Salt (Pinch)

2 peg Garlic

1 oz. Paprika (for Color)

1 oz. Oil (optional)

1/2 oz Soy Sauce

1 tbsp. Sugar

Note: If you would like to remove the spicy heat from this season, don’t use the Scotch Bonnet Pepper.

Method: Put all ingredients in the Electric Blender, except the lime, and turn the selector to puree. Make sure the ingredients are blended well together before removing from Blender.

Cut up chicken 8-ways (Wing, Drumstick, Thigh, and Breast). Wash chicken parts in lime juice and water. Remove meat from lime and water solution and discard.

Next, you pour a little of the jerk season that you just made on the chicken. Rub in the season with your hand (use plastic gloves if you have them). Repeat doing this until all the meat is covered with the season. (Optional) You can let this sit in the refrigerator overnight or let it sit for a couple of hours. It’s your choice.

Trick = The longer the meat stays marinated the more tastfull it becomes. You can marinate a few period at room temperature then even froze while marinated.

Or do as I do.

OVEN- Pre-heat the oven to 400 degrees F. Place the seasoned Jerk chicken skin side up on a baking sheet and then place it in the oven.

Bake the chicken for about 35 minutes, remove the baking sheet from the oven, and turn the chicken onto the other side. Bake chicken for about 25 minutes more, or until thoroughly cooked.

GAS OR CHARCOAL GRILL - Place your seasoned Jerk chicken on the Grill and monitor the flame so that the temperature stays at or about 350 degrees F. Turn the meat as needed, while keeping the flame low. And if the flame gets too high it will prematurely burn the meat.

This process takes a little time and patience, but it’s worth the effort. The meat will be completely cooked in about 45-minutes.

If not, keep turning until the meat is thoroughly cooked, remove chicken from the Grill and serve with bread, garden salad, baked potatoes, or plain white rice.

OPEN PIT - (This method is definitely for the folks who have a lot of spare time.) - Another thing, do not cut up the chicken. Instead, slice the chicken breast and open the whole chicken wide.

In your back yard or campsite, dig a pit 4 feet long by 21/2 feet wide by 2 feet deep. Taper the long ends of the pit about 45 degrees.

Place the wood in the pit and add your starter fluid or accelerant of choice.

Light the wood and allow the wood to burn to coal. Scatter the coal so that the heat will distribute evenly in the pit.

Place 1/8” steel rods across the pit in a 2” square matrix pattern. Or use the same diamond mesh that’s used in barbecue grills.

Place your seasoned Jerk chicken on the steel matrix; let the chicken cook slowly for about an hour.

Turn chicken on other side, baste if necessary, monitor until chicken is cooked.

(Optional) You can add hickory wood or your other favorite flavoured wood to the pit, when making this type of Jerk Chicken. Serve with your favorite food

Spicy food is amazing! But every now and then i need something sweet but as in and july been saying I enjoy cooking spicy things and other things i just need someone to tell me what to do =D

You wouldn't believe the foods I put hot sauce and/or Spices on......

Your craving for spicy food probably has two aspects. One you like the taste which leads into the second aspect.

Your addicted to it! I know it sounds silly but its true. Spicy food acts as a stimulant. When you eat it your circulation increases bringing more blood to parts of your body including your extremities and brain. Its not a chemical stimulant such as caffeine but has some of the same effects.

Spicy food has the same effect on your mind as burning your mouth with hot water. The only difference is that the burn of spicy food goes away quite a bit sooner. Well because your brain thinks a part of your body has been burnt it releases endorphins which are the bodies natural pain killers. These endorphins also have the effect of making us feel good kinda like a drug. This is what leads us to eating hotter and hotter food.

So yea, your a junky!

So am I, my mouth watered as I wrote this and I kinda broke out in a little sweat. Now where is my vindaloo for lunch.

I like savory food to the point where I grow my own culinary herbs and spices. On the other hand, I don't see the point of adding so much spicy heat to food all I can taste is my face going up in flames.

The more hot sauce the better!!! Texas Pete all the way!

I love spicy thai food...hummm hummm

Love Butter Chicken (I know, it's really mild); Beef Vindaloo is another favourite.

Went to a restaurant with one of my uncles who'd been raised in India and when he got his dinner it was too hot for him. So he let me have it :D I'll admit, I drank a fair bit of water, but it was very tasty.

Anything with jalapenos too.

In my 20's I battled my weight and so had to look for ways to make food good without being fattening. Spices were part of the equation. Unwittingly, I have been building up my tolerance for hotness -- (:-)). You start to crave it in your savory foods. The best thing, is that it's not bad for you, unlike, it seems, are: fat, salty, and sweet as dominant flavors.

It's a gradual process: you start substituting spicy ingredients for some of the others. You don't eliminate; you just try to find a healthy balance. Trite, but true;I can say this confidently after struggling with this transition for 30+ years.

My mom cooks pretty well and there are many people who cook well around here ... and of course, how can I forget all that really yummy takeout we're forever buying? There is this chicken place near here ... I wish you could come to India and taste their chicken. It's million times better than even KFC.

So, how do you get your spicy fix?

I don't cook anything if I can help it. Its a form of torture to eat what I make ... lol. But hey, I can make scrambled eggs, coffee, tea [if someone is next to me giving instructions] ... and I'm very good at tasting all the food my friend[amazing cook!!] makes. Does that count?

julygirl: Nope, just like variety, especially spicy food. I've been experiementing for many years with any cuisine I happen to try and like.

Do you cook Indian recipes?


That's nice. Maybe I should try some cooking too but everything I make ends up getting burnt. :(

Have you ever been to India??

I've been trying to teach myself Indian cooking for about three months. I love the spices and heat, and just love being able to come home from work and warm up the leftovers.