Itsy Bitsy Spider

 Once when I was in high school I had just left a class and was heading to my next class. I turned the corner and there was a circle of a bunch of kids but I couldn't see what they were circling. I kept hearing people yell "Kill it! Stomp it!" I ran over and pushed everyone away. In the middle of the circle was the biggest wolf spider I had ever seen. I picked it up and put it outside. I couldn't let anyone kill it.  

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9 Responses Feb 24, 2009

I have spiders in my home. They, mostly, stay to themselves. Just relaxing in a corner on the ceiling. No problems.

EEK!! You are a very brave person!

mewold, they are not creatures that are going to hunt my kids when they play outside. my kids are more likely to be hurt in a car accident. my kids are out side more so than in when the weather permits. im not going to turn over every leaf because there are poisonous critters out there.

They are not just poisonous, they are killers! Do your children play outside?

well if anything gets near one of my kids that i think may be harmful i will absolutely kill it. but if i come across one outside or in the house and its not doing anything i will put it out side. yes i know they are poisonous but thats not their fault. i have enough land to share.

I will kill a black widow or brown recluse in a heart beat.

haha. its not like i like them crawling all over me. but yeah, i couldnt let the little guy get killed.

Ohhhhhh......spiders scare me to was nice that you saved it though... (I hate to see anything killed)

As long as you know which ones to pick up and which ones to leave alone, you are ok. I have seen wolf spiders in kansas almost as bie as tryanthulas. Parden my spelling.