Just Letting It Go!

My first experience in spontaneity with a stranger was on an airplane flying cross country to a convention in San Diego. I have been married twice. My first husband died young from cancer and until my second marriage I was pretty naive sexually. Terry, my current husband has quite an array of experiences both as a young man and continues in our liberal marriage now. My introduction into being more sexually aggressive came with time and patience on both our parts. Just letting go, relaxing and enjoying the excitement of "turning on" with sexual energy and emotion was something I did not know how to do before meeting him.

Back to my first time letting it happen; it involved a bit of a degree of risk. At the time we lived in Massachusetts and I had committed to speak at a convention in San Diego. Terry was in the middle of a crisis time in his job so he couldn't' go. I had to make the trip by myself. It was the first time we were not able to travel together going any place of distance in our young relationship. Anyway, while sitting and waiting for a connecting flight in Chicago, a nice looking young man sat down next to me and we began a casual chat about much of nothing.  We both were just trying to pass the time until boarding. I did notice he had striking blue eyes, the kind that seem to have a sparkle each time the person blinks.

As we boarding calls began, I became aware that as row numbers were called, he and I continued to wait for our call. I thought wouldn't that be interesting if we ended up in seats next to each other.  And, darned if it didn't happen, kind of! I had aisle and he had window with a seat between us. Fortunately no one claimed that seat so it made it easy to continue the chat we'd started in the gate area.  We both were in marketing so I really wanted to share with him about what we each knew about our professions. To make it easier to talk without others around us listening and to hear each other better, I opted to raise the arm rest and slide over to the middle seat.

It began with the feet. Silly perhaps, but remember I said I was pretty naive at one time. Our shoes touched. My response was to reposition my foot but each time I did, it didn't take long to notice they were touching again. Was he doing it on purpose? I didn't think so. He kept in tune with our discussion, so I passed it off as coincidental. But then the legs touched; calves and knees. This time he did stop in mid sentence and held a long look at me with those incredible blue eyes. I'm pretty sure he was measuring my reaction. Now I knew he was making a direct approach in flirting. At first I pulled away and said I needed to go over some notes for my talk in SD. He was courteous enough, like oh sure, but I'm also sure he took note I didn't move back to my aisle seat. He told me so later!

As I was glancing over my notes, I wondered what Terry my husband would say. I thought, " He'd probably say relax and enjoy the feeling, just let it go!"  It took awhile for me to think that over. Normally I'd pretend shyness and ignore the guy all together then think about it a day or two later in vicarious fantasy. But the excitement was really eating at me and Terry's mentoring me to learn to open up my hidden feelings was keeping my availability in play.  My next move was to put away the notes and lean over and touch the young man on the arm while letting my leg snuggle into his. I don't remember the question I contrived, but he was "player" enough to take my intent for what it was meant to be. Actually I had no idea what was to happen but my head was spinning for sure. Initially I think I was thinking maybe there could be a hook up in SD somewhere for dinner or something. I do remember thinking I'd have to let Terry know before I'd ever let that happen.

There's no way to be able to remember what we talked about as we let each other know it was getting a little warmer on the plane. :-)  I was just enjoying the feeling of the physical contact and hoped he was to. He made the next exploritative move by allowing a hand to first touch my knee then with a finger glancing up and down a few inches above the knee. I was wearing jeans, so it was a safe gesture I thought. I chuckled, pretty sure it a nervous one, and mentioned quietly that I wondered if this was how the Mile High Club began. He looked at me for a long moment and said, he didn't think we could get away with that but said let's try something a little less obvious. Then he suggested I look for one of those little slip covers they call airline blankets and we'd pretend to be taking a quick nap. I didn't find one in the over heads so I did what really went beyond the Babs thing by walking back to the attendants station and asking for a cover while feinting going to the potty cube.  I told her my husband was chilly. Now so no confusion is to be made, in our small book of rules today, Terry and I, will always honor what we call the 1 husband 1wife rule. No matter what we may do or say in our relationship with each other or with others, he and I are knowingly to all parties, married. So that little lie was a no no, but it worked. No one questioned nor did there seem to be any quizzical looks from anyone the rest of the trip.

When I cam back there were two covers provided, making it even better for what was to come. We each draped one strategically and it didn't take long for hands to begin to find their desired paths underneath. Prior to that trip, I had let a guy or two get away with a fondle here and there in fun jest at parties. Those touches were innocent enough, always alcohol induced and mostly just a slight squeeze or pat on the bottom or a hug with a strategic placement of the hand  just below the armpit. C'mon, you guys know how it works. Ha!

Nothing this time went above the slip covers but we both found zippers and fly buttons underneath. He watched casually for passerby's and I pretended to be sleeping with my head on his shoulder. The smell of my sex I thought nothing of, but my seat partner told me while waiting for our bags in SD, he thought it was pretty obvious.

Anyway, I'd secretly hoped he'd bring up getting together again. I was to be in town for a couple of nights but he said he had trips north to the LA area. I think in reality he was probably married though he wore no ring on the plane. In any case there was a short feeling of disappointment and of being used. But to my surprise, that thought soon washed away. There was no later guilt which also surprised me. What I told Terry on the phone that evening, when he asked me how I felt about it, was that it was sort of a feeling of freedom. "I'd let the bird out of the cage", he told me. "We'll see how far from the nest it feels safe enough to fly". We made our connection with each other through our "I love you" confirmations and I knew then I had something very special with my real life husband. Spontaneity in sexual play was to become an exciting part of my life.
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would love to sit next to you on a airplane!!

Yes, but do you wear jeans when you fly now?

A sub of mine on her way to SF, travel in baggage class, caught the eye of a first class traveler who wandered the plane, found her and they sat and talked...

She had these very comfortable pants she always wroe when flying and had to end up giving him a bj. Well 3 bjs NY to SF is a long flight!. But she had never been able to see a hard **** and NOT take care of it. When she got home she admitted her transgression.

I got suitably angry and whipped her ***, then for the next three weeks or so made her recount every detail while we had sex.

Her next trip was to Hong Kong. She looked at me with batting eyes and I picked out a skirt for the trip. Flight was not very full, so she got her mother a window seat and moved into the Center, arm rests up. Man on each aisle seat, Did they mind terribly? she was 5'2" so three seats were fine, but short skirt-no panties just makes her taller? Could I rest my head in your lap? She is a charter member of the mile high club.

She was suitably recalcitrant upon her return.