Silent Praise

I love graveyards.  I love all the history, all the stories, just sitting there, waiting to be heard.  And i love reading the headstones.  how peoples loved ones can sum them up in one, maybe two sentences.  why those words, why that phrase.  I love that i can go there and talk and not be judged.  they just silently listen, taking it all in.  I love them, and i love haunted ones....  i just love them....  my mom worked in one when she was in high school and i was alway so jealous... 

destiny420 destiny420
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4 Responses Jul 28, 2008

Grave yards are Hallowed Grounds, You should feel at peace there, it is a place where evil cannot go, and Hollywood has Exploited and destroyed the whole meaning Behind the words Hallowed Ground. Even I'm at Peace when in even the spookiest of Graveyards, but I can't help but wonder what happened to all the Children under 5 yrs old? Why did they Die? Some were still-born, others just a few weeks to short months. I was in one Graveyard placing a Headstone on a grave and my boss told me to take a break, so i went walking, and i ran across an entire family that died the same day. Mom, Dad, 2 Sons and , 3 Daughters. it was a sad day for me that day.

lmao sue!! if a person is a ghost, they prolly arent at thier graves, unless they were burried alive!! ghosts get bound to or ar drawn to areas they loves, had great termoil in or died at!

it is!! There are so many around me that are supposed to be really haunted, so you get no peice there, between the ghost hunters, and the crowds, i mean, we have reserection cemetary around here, and bachlors grove for petes sake, lol. so this little grave yard by me, with katherine, which has no name, and has no church, and yet is perfectly tended, is a sanctuary.

It's great to find a special place. It's difficult to find a more peaceful place.