Like a Sleeping Pill

Spooning for me is like a sleeping pill - a natural sedative....  I am not a good sleeper - my brain is always racing and thinking and analyzing - and I can't seem to shut it down at night.  Plus, I am a very light sleeper also so if something wakes me up - I have to start the process of falling asleep all over again.  There are a lot of things I do to help with this problem - music, a sleeping pill, puzzle books, reading "no thinking" kinds of books...  these all help BUT I have found that when my husband spoons me (and I hate to say it, but I don't think my husband doing the spooning is a factor - I'll tell you why in a minute), I fall asleep very quickly.  There is one problem with him spooning me (and it's not possible to get a surrogate spooner - don't think the hubby would let that happen) - when my husband falls asleep he SNORES and SNORES and SNORES - and it is loud and definitely wakes me up (he has sleep apnea, so not only does he snore but you can hear him stop breathing for a second or two then he snorts to catch his breath).  

The only alternative that I have - is to spoon with him while he is wearing his sleep apnea machine - a very UNATTRACTIVE nose piece that looks like an alien is in bed with me - plus that thing is noisy as heck TOO!

So, not only do I not have a good spooning partner, but the noise has forced me out of my own bed and into the guestroom - which is slowly becoming MY room.


Oh, how I long for a good "spooning" buddy!  Woe is me!  (lol)

DorothyofOz DorothyofOz
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You would sleep like a baby.. And I'd watch over you !!!!!!!!!!

A very tempting offer - very tempting indeed - especially considering how tired I am! If only.... : )

Wow would be my pleasure ladies.. So Aly am I in ?> For the spooning......

OMG - I didn't see those comments until NOW - so great!!! Oh, Chris, if you didn't snore, I'm afraid you would have a full-time job!!<br />
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Snowy - you are so right - there would be no sleep at all - talking and giggling would be the theme of the night!!<br />
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I was laughing out loud reading these (and I can't do that - kiddies are in bed!! Shhhh!!) SWAK!

I can spoon with you and Chris :) ...knowing us DOT we'd keep Chris up with our giggling !!<br />
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I could go for some spooning been four years do not know if I snore or not.. All in all I would spoon with you Aly.. Sounds very sexy........

sounds to me like you guys need - the first spooning community in the world. :) win prizes and stuff for spooning. sign up now, its free.

Haha, we call them Dad jokes too! That one has a bit of a 'Dad' sense of humour. :D

This reminds me of when a gang of local toughs stole my shirt and wore it.<br />
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King size beds are scary lonely.

I love the joke - but in my parent's house, we call those DAD JOKES !<br />
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P.S. my little pillow is my teddy bear that I can't seem to give up - he fits so perfectly (and I became attached to HER (hee hee) when I was pregnant! The big pillow is mostly because I am sleeping alone in a KING size bed!

Well some people use pillows for the big spoon... others for the little spoon. I dont know, I couldn't give much insight on it since I know nothing about it. I'll say it sounds delightful to hold a pillow lovingly against your chest, though.<br />
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chris<br />
ps. A pillow walks into a bar looking for fun. The bartender says, "are you down?"<br />
<br />
pps.... sorry.

Yeah, I do keep a pillow right by my back and it helps a bit - even adding a heating pad to warm the bed up since I am now alone - but it just ain't the same, is it??

I heard some peole spoon their pillows. Not for me, but if you're really having trouble sleeping...

O h - I LOVE spooning!! My spooning partner is not here ... damn - it is really lonely, but I hear what you say. I could sleep like a baby...