Saved One a Couple of Months Ago....


 The picture is a flying squirrel. That's what we saved. It had gotten trapped in our mouse trap in the attic. =[ Didn't even know they could get into it. But we got him out & he was fine. We don't use the mousetrap anymore. We've got enough cats around. Heehee!! He was the sweetest looking thing though. Momma panicked when she realized it was a squirrel, I kept my head, so I take most of the credit for saving him. If I had panicked as well, he probably would have choked to death before we calmed down. He was fine though, frisky & just havin' a ball in the little cage we put him in to transport him back to our woods. He didn't want to leave the cage at first. Mahahahaha!!! We got onto the tree though, & he went flyin' on his way.

They are so cute......The pic doesn't do 'em justice. =]

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1 Response Mar 21, 2009! How cute!!!!!!!! WynHaven, thanks so much for sharing this!! I have only saved the common squirrels, never seen a flying squirrel. I think I read somewhere where they are nocturnal.