Loved My First

I have known this woman for a few years before we had any sexual contact and we are both very open about our lives with each other. However, she has never told me she was s squirter. So imagine my suprise when we finally let our animal instincts go wild. I was giving her oral to start off the night, when all of a sudden, I am drowning in a wonderful flow of ***********! Never had a squirter and never really knew about it! I was still going to town because of her moaning and twitching. So I knew I was doing something right. The bed, sheets, floor, and who knows what else were completely drenched. I love pleasing a woman but when you have a squirter, you know you are pleasing her. with other women, you alwsys have that thought in your head, is she really enjoying it? with a squirter, once you finc that spot, you will know.let me tell you. I know some women are imbarrassed by the whole thing but if they would just let the guy know before it happens, he will understand and be more excited himself! I have never heard any guy ever say they do not like it when a girl squirts. Now, you may not be able to hide s quickie in the office as easy but it can be done. You just need towels handy...LOL Once you've squirted, you can't go back! It's an addiction, I need more! DON'T BE EMBARRASSED, KEEP ON SQUIRTING....I love you all.
Semperfi3043 Semperfi3043
41-45, M
Dec 4, 2012