My Experience With A Squirter.

I had a girlfriend once, who squirted. I was very surprise because I had never had experienced a girl that would squirt. The first time it happened she cried because she thought there was something wrong with her. I thought she was peeing on the bed. We were having intercourse an all of the sudden she started squirting and I felt the wetness and pulled out. She could not stop and the whole mattress was wet. That is the biggest problem, the mattress becomes one giant wet spot, so you have to be constantly flipping it. The other problem was that she dried up and could not continue having sex.

I have been with a few women since then but have not met any other squirters. I am glad that I met her because I would not believe that it was possible for a woman to squirt like that. At the same time I wonder if she would have ever found out she was a squirter. That first time we had been having sex throughout the day and it was about the seventh time that day, around early evening. I was lasting a long time and were in the missionary position when it happened.

Maybe her body got over excited from all the sex throughout the day and that is why she squirted that first time. After that first time, almost every time we had sex, she would squirt. I think the woman has to be born a squirter. I have not been able to find another squirter and probably never will.
spaceghost277 spaceghost277
46-50, M
Nov 30, 2012