Funny Experience

I not only squirt, I can gush.  When I was collared, my Dom would share me with random people...most were males.  Most men loved it when they saw me squirt and expecially if they caused it!  they would cheer for each other like they do the Pats on tv LoL.  I recall only twic ein my life when a man has made me squirt and they loved it!  but...immediately washed their hands afterwards hahahaha...gotta love men or else where would we be heh heh

typoquene typoquene
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3 Responses Feb 23, 2010

The first time a lady squirted on me I didn't know what happened! I thought she pissed on me. Now I find it very sexy and exciting. I even want a lady to **** all over me and me **** on them! Isn't sex wonderful?


good luck in your quest