Wow. Glad I Found This.

I create stained glass.  i have taught it to myself.  I'm not as good as I'd like to be.  I really would love to take classes.  Don't know of any.  I'm in the suburbs of chicago, IL if any has any sugesstions.
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See if your city's Parks & Rec department have anything like that? Ours offer all sorts of classes.

I don't live near you, but I like stained glass, too. I took a class in Art College, and took a class at a local stained glass store. I never learned to use the channel, but learned the copper foil method. I've created several small windows, and made a lampshade out of found pieces and seashells and glass slag and rondels. I recently saw some lovely work with "Ess" shaped wire bits incorporated into the work, and beveled frosted glass and seashells. Look for any shop in your area that sells the supplies, and they will more than likely also be having classes.