Comedy Members Needed

Hi there everyone!

My name is forgetmenotmarlowe and I am an actor, comedian, musician, dancer.... so on.
I usually am half of a comedy duo called TRIXIE IN THE KITCHEN, But I need to branch off, to start my own comedy routines. I am a Canadian. I need at least 5 men, able to act well, WRITE, maybe sing, dance, and imitate women well as I will be needing that. Contact me on the experience project (message) or comment and we will keep in contact. I'd love some other canadians, (Or even Americans) to help me preform my skitches (that's right, skitches, not sketches, I like to be different) Any age under 40 will do. THANKS SO MUCH!
forgetmenotmarlowe forgetmenotmarlowe
18-21, F
Sep 9, 2012