You Can Feel Someone Through Their Eyes

i just recently experienced the most amazing thing....I can see this person through their eyes.  if i really focus on the eyes during conversation, i can actually feel pretty intensely the way the person feels and their thoughts.  we tried an experiment about this and it was crazy....but now they are cemented in my brain forever (especially b/c thye feel the same way).  i can see these eyes rigth now and it makes me miss them so much. i'm desperate to see them, communicate with them, show them how i feel, talk with no words.   i can see happy, sad, distraction, pain, sorrow, joy, shame, fear, anger, courage, pleasure, uncertaintly, longing, knowing, wishing, playing, faking, lying.  these beautiful soft brown eyes.

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2 Responses Feb 24, 2010

We are social animals. Connecting is the most important thing we do.<br />
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All raods do lead to Rome and the eyes and your empathic connecting are very powerful experiences

You can see everything through eyes if you concentrate on them. An intense gaze can say much more than many words.<br />
It works of course in both directions: if you gaze into someone's eyes to 'read' his or her feelings, he or she will be able to reach into the deepest corners of your soul as well.<br />
It can be funny to do that with strangers - well, it might sometimes look creepy, but it's worthwhile.<br />
Trying that with someone you really love can be the most beautiful experience of your life.