Staying In Rocks...

Cozy dinner by the fire place, watching the flames dance and the shadows play on your  lovers face.. Or how about, reading erotic stories to each other in the hot tub.  Cooking dinner over an open fire outside.  Then feeding each other every single bite, One of you could even be the serving platter!  *just watch the hot stuff on that one!*.  Soft music sets the mood with some candle light. Why heck... you can pick up the tempo and start dancing!! 

Pour some wine and you can get drunk and grope each other or do wayyyy more and never have to worry about offending anyone or being arrested for being lewd!!    Staying in has many perks beyond saving money!!  This is what we're doing tonight!!
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18 Responses May 9, 2012

Indeed it does.

looking4, YUPPERS it did!! I LOVE playin tour guide, especially when I AM the path your followin!! That like TOTALLY ROCKS!!♥

Sie--<br />
Your plan worked!<br />
We did indeed--<br />
--slip in--some rather enjoyable moments. ;-)<br />
Perhaps not--we--<br />
I was the one slipping--<br />
I do so enjoy that effort. ;-)<br />
Might I add--<br />
You make the idea--guide--<br />
for that activity!

looking4, Yayyy for more of the same and a slower day!! So far it's not looking all that much slower tho!! Maybe we can just figure a way to slip in "some of the same" at some point!! :D I'm all for creativity!!

Sie--<br />
It most certainly did!<br />
If today proves to be somewhat less taxing then yesterday--<br />
I could well see myself clear to enjoying--<br />
more of the same. ;-)

looking4, you musta read this after my slutty story....Put you right in the mood huh? I'm still laughin myself silly over the message ya left on my wb and that text!! PRICELESS! You crack me right up rough guy!! ♥

Sie--<br />
I am distinctly--<br />
in the mood for lovely--flesh toned--dishware this evening.<br />
jus sayin. =D

myaah, LOL @ the dish remark!! :D You don't need any of that stuff to have a cozy time at home....well maybe another person would help.... but you don't even lack for the invitations. YOU just need some time off to accept a few!! Think FREE TIME girly-girl!! Ya gotta find some!! ;)

all sound good up to being the dish. i dont do dishes. :0] all i need is the hot tub and fire place now maybe finding a man would help to or not. can i just come over to your place and watch. :0]

Sie--<br />
Vomiting canine aside--<br />
We did enjoy a splendid evening.<br />
While I enjoy an occasional evening out--<br />
I must say that overall--<br />
I do prefer intimate evenings in our own domicile.

Looking4, Yuppers..we sure did!! Once the yuckies were cleaned up!!

I'm sure there will be another time for that hot romantic evening to happen again.

haze, aww thanks. We work to have those evenings as much as possible!!

Aww thanks RR.....We managed to salvage it, pretty well.... after the pup was feeling better...

This evening would be perfection. Totally agree :)

haze.....bummer....what a mess.... I guess there is just NO winning with vomit!! :D <br />
Pup is fine now! Once he got done throwing up he wanted a GOODIE!!

Don't you believe it most kids puke where they stand just like your poor puppy. Hope your puppy's better.

CWS, I LOVE it, "staycation!" I gotta steal that one! :D Yeah....poor puppers got our attention right off each other and onto him...he's like NEVER sick.....This must be what parents go thru on a regular basis with their kids!! only with any luck, some of the kids make it off the floor and into the bathroom!!

Aww thanks ricki! We did have a nice time right up until our little terrier started throwing up!! He's fine now tho......He must have just had some icky tummy virus. Nothing like a "puking-pup" to change the romantic mood tho!! :D

I wish you both a sweet time together! ;-)