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I love steak. I understand why people turn vegetarian but I for one could never give up meat. I do however get very disapointed when I pay to much for steak at a resturaunt knowing that I can make them better for a fraction of the price at home. I'd rather grill my own just how I like it.
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If you want a really fantastic steak--try a Buffalo( Bison) rib eye or other type. Not only are they more tender than beef --they are MUCH better for your health. Buffalo is lower in fat & cholosterol than beef, pork, chicken , turkey or fish!! They are a bit more flavorful & sweeter than beef too. You have to use care in cooking them as they cook faster than beef & it is easy to overcook them. <br />
I had to go on a low fat diet & was told I could only have beef , which I loved, about once a month. I asked about Buffalo & was told I could have all that I wanted--- I ate no beef for over 2 months and found that when I did eat a beef steak, my stomach hurt for two days! It seems that beef is rather hard to digest & if you get out of the habit of eating it , you realize that if you do try it.

I could not agree more!