Salt, Pepper, And Oak

That's what I generally use to season my steak.  I love to let the steak rest outside of the fridge and cover it with pepper.  Some people say it doesn't matter if you warm the steak because the grill is plenty hot enough to compensate for the coolness of the steak.  I figure might as well let it warm up while you're getting everything else prepped.  
Now as far as the salt goes, I tried salting a steak-- really covering that puppy to draw the juices out-- once and it turned out horrible.  I actually rinsed the steak to get rid of some of the salt.  Rather than being a benefit, it ended up making the steak a briney, horrible error.  Rinsing did a decent job of ridding it of salt but it was still quite bad.  I don't mess with salt any more and just add some salt right before grilling.  
Then comes the best part of all-- hardwood flavoring.  I've got quite a bit of red oak, and that suits the steak quite well.  Lovely smokey flavor and tender meat...  I can't think of a better indulgent meal.  
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Yes, massaging the meat can bring the juices to the surface.