Tenderloin cut very thick and butterfly cut cooked on the grill with charcoal. Served with a baked potato that was rubbed with olive oil and rolled in kosher salt and a salad. Oh my gosh, a meal fit for a king.
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Here in the u k I love sirloin steak well done under the grill with chips(fries). Beats what the excuse for a steak they sell in the steak house restraunts in London In the u s I've had restraunt steaks that make ours a misteak


Yes! My dad used to make this meal when I was growing up for special occasions. Don't forget the fried squash, rolls w/butter, and peach cobbler for dessert. :)

Sounds mouthwatering... could i bring the lobster tails and have some drawn butter on the side ? maybe cheesecake for dessert? mmmmmmmm sooo good!

Soooo gooood Superman! Sounds like a fannnntastic BBQ to me!

How about some garlic bread with that?

Sure. Can I put one on for you?


As long as you don't kill it twice! :)

Oh no. I don't like my meat though


Don't you just love it when you do that!