I took me forever to decide that I liked steaks. I would occasionally eat one when we went out, but they were never my first choice. In fact, I tried being a vegetarian several times while I was growing up.

I think the problem and why I didn't like steaks very well was because I would always order them well done because that's how my parents ordered them. Any pink was gross. It had to be brown all the way through.

Then my fiancé cooked me a steak at about a medium well. And I liked it. Then I tried a medium and it was great. In the last month or two, he has gotten me to to genuinely want a steak cooked medium rare. I never thought it was possible for me to actually like a steak, let alone like one that was practically still bleeding, but I'm glad I do. Now it's the first thing I look for on a menu and I'm no longer the odd one out who makes everyone wait for their steaks because I wanted mine cooked all the way through.

13squared 13squared
22-25, F
Aug 14, 2007