Healthy? Probably Not But Oh So Delicious

I didn't discover steak until what - maybe a year or two ago? Maybe it was 3 years, OMG - talk about an addiction!! Give me a plate piled high with steak and potatoes and watch me waddle around hours later like Jabba the Hutt. It is just so damn delicious and tempting. When it's done right, so succulent and tender. Almost makes you drool in anticipation. It's expensive to be sure but worth every F***ing BITE let me tell you.

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2 Responses Jul 11, 2009

Yummy isnt it?

Nothing better than a good steak on the grill! Some rib-eye or filet mignon.... hmmmm.<br />
<br />
Baked potatoes and a good salad, a few beers, in the summertime, after, or at the beach, a few friends, ohh,<br />
I could continue this story for a while!!