Gotta Love the Hair Too

His voice is just amazing. his hair is amazing too. what I think is cool is that he grew up listening to all kinds of music and his mom gave him a necklace with a music note on it and he still wears it.

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I'll have to check out journey w/ arnel pineda. I love talking journey with another person!

It gets a bit annoying when people can only relate to Dont Stop Believin as Journey when there is so much great stuff out there.<br />
Have you heard Journey with the new singer Arnel Pineda , i saw him at the Manchester Apollo last year and he certainly fits the Steve Perry mould vocally.<br />
No-one will ever replace Perry but he does a job.<br />
Its nice to talk Journey with someone because not a lot of people follow them in the UK but i am spreading the word.

I have all of steve perry's solo stuff too. I have been hearing journey's music all my life but it was when I was 18 that I really made the connection that these awesome songs were by this awesome band. I was sitting at work and I heard wheel in the sky and I asked my mom who it was and she said it's journey and the rest is history. I was also born on the same day as neil schon. it's nice to connect with another journey/steve perry fan. I'm 21 and a lot of people my age aren't really fans, they just like the song don't stop believin and they don't even know who steve perry is.

Yes , Steve Perry has been the soundtrack to my life.<br />
Got into Journey in 81 when i first heard Don`t Stop Believin and have followed them since.<br />
Seen them three times , here in the UK ,Just wish i could have seen them with S Perry up front.<br />
Got all Steve Perrys Solo Stuff and hope he can get some new material out in the near future.<br />
I`m Spreading the