Makes Me Feel Sexy

I love wearing stockings and heels, first I feel sexy when I'm wearing,
and second I know how much men luv seeing us beautiful & sexy women
in stockings and heels. If I know that they are turned on by it, than I get turned on!!!
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6 Responses Jul 10, 2010

Do you always wear panties with your stockings?

Fortunately for me, my wife feels the same as you. She loves her stockings & heels and says they make her feel sexy too. And yes, its most definitely a turn on for me too! A win-win, for sure!

I'm glad to hear that there are those women out there. Keep on wearing them and making the males around you happy...or should I say giving them a sunny day.

Arousing!!! bravo!

Sunny you are so right. Stockings and heels really accentuate a woman and yes they do turn men on. A woman in stockings and heels can make a man go weak at the knees. A glimpse of stocking grabs his attention and they are so sexy. A really big turn on for me.

yummy..........Can I see....