Love To See Women In Stockings And Heels

I am married to a beautiful woman. We have been married for 15 years and we have a great marriage except for one thing. When we first met she would wear stockings and heels all the time. After we were married she continued for the first few years. After that it started to fall off to the point that it now does not happen very often. I have to make a formal request to have her wear them in the bed room. I have to make my requests spaced out over time or it will result in an argument. I have had discussions with her about it which ends up in agreeing to disagree, and there are resentments for my stand on it. She does have some very sexy hells she will wear to work with a dress and she looks hot in them. There is nothing going on at work, she is just self conscious of how she appears to others and wants to be professional. She will not go to that effort when we go on dates. She says she wants to be comfortable. She also says she feels slutty and out of place wearing stockings and heels in public on a date. I can see her point most people today do not dress-up to go on date and the people who do dress up stand out in the crowd.
I now find myself looking at women who do wear high heels and tights or stockings in public and wonder how they find the courage to be sexy in public with their significant other or without. When I see other women in public wearing heels and stockings I find myself asking myself what I have to do to get my wife to wear them again. I tell her that she is beautiful and sexy as hell all the time and she is. She thinks I am full of it. I point out men that are looking at her and she says I am wrong. I do not know what more to do. I am at a loss. Anyone have any advice?
46-50, M
1 Response May 19, 2012

i wear them when i escort because it makes me feel sexy and slutty. that and the easy access.

Easy access is another great advantage.....