Stockings!!! Mmmmmmmm

I love to put on my stockings in the morning when i have an important meeting, Thy make me feel sexy and confident with it, my favorite skirt has a split up one side and if i don't sit down carefully u can just see the top off them and i love to watch other peoples reaction if thy notice.

 I had a lady turn to me on train last week and say "thank you" i asked what for and she said "if u can turn i straight woman on just sat next to you i shud be-able to turn my husband on later"

I am now thinking i will go and put my stockings on and surprise my fella as he gets in to bed tonight!  x

littlekinkiboots littlekinkiboots
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5 Responses Feb 26, 2009

Warms the heart to read a story like this ;)

you're partner is very, very stupid and doesn't realise how lucky he is!

Its such a shame kinki, I love stockings and heels too. Must be the most sexy of attire for a woman. I like the idea of your cheeky little shows too - if I caught a glimpse I wouldn't be able to take my eyes off you all day. That meeting would go on FOREVER........

lol it didnt work!!! its just gone half midnight...........

he dont kno how lucky he is! id do any thing to stop him cheating on me AGAIN!!! X