I Remember...

The first time i wore this ensemble for my man, i took his breath away. His vision locked as he swept his sight along my silhouette. He could not believe it, he could not believe how stunning i looked.

"So? Did you like it?" i whisper, as i slowly strut towards the edge of the bed where he was sitting. Inches away form him, i could feel his breathes getting heavier and deeper. His mighty hands cupped my dainty waist, he looked down on my patent black leather stilettos with stick thin metal heels. As he pull me near and wedge me in between his thighs, he couldn't help but to run his hands along my body. He was curious to know how that stockings feels like on my tender skin. Just the initial stroke shoots desire straight to his l'oins.

"Baby, you are so beautiful. Can you wear this everyday?" He pleaded. I giggled shyly and nodded. I love the way he runs his hands over my body and it ended on his favorite part of my body, my rear. He cupped it excessively, squeezing it and gently, tapping on it. Hearing the sweet sounds as he taps on them, he buried his head between my bosom and took a deep breath. The perfume which i had carefully dabbed on my bosom intoxicated him.

I could feel his manhood harden in between my legs. It was only in a matter of seconds.

He swiftly flipped me around and nudge me to bend forward. He has one arm hugging my hips and the other is free to roam around my luscious tush. He loved fondling it. He loved how it look as that "T" rest ever so comfortably on top of my cheeks. He can see the lace from my g-string ever so close. He hook his index finger on the lace follows it southwards. He is careful not to touch my wetness yet. As he moved his index back up, he gave one of my cheeks a tight slap. It was like music to his ears.

This was our foreplay. I know we both just want to feel each others inner parts. Imagining the sweet warmth that binds two separate being so close together.

He flipped me back to face him. Our visions locked and i lean forward to french him. My hands helped in removing his shirt as our lips tasted each other in anticipation. He carried me up with my legs wrapped around his waist and slide his pants off.

As he resumed his sitting back on the bed, i had my knees resting on the bed and my ankles on his thighs. His manhood tall, straight and mighty is just infront of my c'lit, separated only by the lace of my gstring. He flex his manhood, tapping it against me. I love the way how he can control his movement without even using his hands. His hands are in fact no where else but caressing both my a'ss cheeks. Not long after, his fingers movement sneakily down to my p'ussy lips. Fingering just the outer, toying with my wetness. i moaned in his mouth.

Soon, my breathes intensified. Our lips part as i arched my back and head in experiencing the pleasure his fingers are providing. His spirit highten as he saw estacsy on my face. I opened my thighs wider to lower my p'ussy down on him. I squeezed his hardness with my p'ussy. I'm aching for that first entry. As i imitated the movement of thrust along the length of his shaft, he gasped as how wonderful the lace of my gstring felt on his delicate skin.

We gazed back at each other and smiled.

We lips found each other and whispered "i love you" concurrently.

He lay down on the bed as i throned over him and he admired the goddess that sits on him.

"Ride me, my queen. Just the way you like it."

So i did. I held the laced aside to expose my p'ussy.

Without aid from my hands, i guided myself over the tip of his d'ick. Before entry, i brushed his tip a few times along my lips to wet it. As i slowly lower myself onto him, he moaned uncontrollably. I felt good. Sweet, warm and luscious.

I peeked at his face. He had his eyes closed and face tilted to the right. He love to be ridden by me. I thrust myself gradually on his perfect shaft. Slowly, i begun to quicken the action. He felt the advance and responded by carressing my bosom.

"Yes, baby... Feels good like that.." He praised.

By sitting on him, i had control over stroking my g spot. So in a matter of minutes i have to c'um. I felt a big O coming as my fingers dig deeper into his chest. I squinted and moaned uncontrollably.

"C'um, baby" He encouraged, gently.

He aided by thrusting himself towards me. I could not control it anymore. My grips gets tighter, thrust get harder and moans gets louder. My o'rgasm exploding like hugh waves crushing on to shore. It was wonderful, it was perfect.

From then on, i swore i would wear stockings and heels whenever i'm s'exing up my man...

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Every woman should take lesson's from you as to turn a man on. This is a very exciting story and I loved it. I wish I knew someone just like you....

Wonderful story. Thanks for sharing.<br />
<br />
i love stockings and heels too.

Wonderful story. Thanks for sharing.<br />
<br />
i love stockings and heels too.

Wonderful story. Thanks for sharing.<br />
<br />
i love stockings and heels too.

Your man is a lucky one indeed. Do you have any twin sisters? lol

I whish I had something to say instead of being here with my chin on the floor... =S